Angel Maker and Her (Part One)
Angel Maker and Her
(Part One) murder stories
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Reese is the new kid and something up there is misplaced.

Angel Maker and Her (Part One)

The Car ride became dull. The air, thick and lifeless. Silence filled every speck of the vehicle excluding the buzzing from incoming messages and the thoughts in my mind.

I pulled a pair of headphones over my head, turned on some tunes, and turned the volume completely up.

Music calmed me. The voices disappeared and the only thing I heard was the heavy metal coming through the speakers.

The car came to a stop in front of a wide brick building, another in the close distance from which I can currently see.

The school was empty in the main lobby, no students to be seen, they were all in class.

The door shuts behind me as I walk into the office, two ladies sitting at the front desk with smiles on their faces. Turns out I showed up just before lunch, lucky me.

I hoped with every part of my being that no one would interact with me. I want to be left alone.

Furthermore, I'm tired of dealing with other people, maybe if I get bored I'll play around with them a little, but they're not getting close to me.

Likewise, I stepped through the door and there everyone was.

Some stare, some whispered. A high-pitched annoying voice came from the teacher in the corner of the room. "Class, please get quiet. We're going to introduce ourselves.

" She looked at me and smiled, "Please stand in the front and tell us your name and something you enjoy doing."

I blankly stared at the wall above everyone's heads, pulled my book bag strap further up my shoulder, and took a deep breath. I shrugged and opened my mouth to speak, but someone beat me to it.

A deep voice coming from a guy in the front row spoke, "Don't you think this is kind of stupid? We're in eleventh grade and doing this.

It's something you do in elementary school, not high school." The teacher's smile disappeared and came back to view "Hello class, I'm Mrs. Kettle and something I enjoy doing would be teaching.

" She nodded to me and I decided that meant it was my turn. "My name is Reese and I enjoy listening to music." Everyone took turns until the last girl had finished.

"My name is Cassie and I enjoy drawing," she looked at me, eyes shining. Her hair fell to her shoulders. It's a dark shade of brown, close to black but not quite.

Her face held gentle expressions, and her clothes were well fit. "You can sit next to Cassie in the back." I stopped looking at the girl and made my way to my seat.

I slid the strap off my shoulder and laid my head on the desk. Not even fifteen minutes in and this school already annoys the sh!t out of me.

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