The Pandemical Saviour’s Hell

The Pandemical Saviour’s Hell corona stories
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Wonder what'll happen in five years because of this pandemic? Here's my prediction...

The Pandemical Saviour’s Hell

I carefully exited my home and saw the streets empty, Iike a jar of peanut butter. I had never seen something so unreal. The city was cold and grey and there was not one person to be seen.

My colleagues and I had predicted a similar scenario, only less bad. We would have never predicted that such a small virus could cause the end of the human race.

All animals were extinct in a matter of months, so were all plants. Everyone was surviving on each other and little scraps of food. No one was safe after the president was assassinated.

Another election couldn't be held because of sanitary reasons so we lived without any protection. No one cared, it was every man for himself. People started branding the virus.

Saying that it was worse than anything humans had ever encountered, even the influenza outbreak. Overall the names given to this monster one name really stuck: The Saviour's Hell.

It all started in 2020 when it was known as Covid-19 or the CoronaVirus. People were making jokes and laughing at how its name referred to a popular alcoholic drink.

Now, in 2025, it has settled down a bit, but with a painful price. More than half of the Earth's population is gone now, with an estimated 150,00 people remaining alive.

Some are survivors, and some are still infected. I am a survivor. And this isn't the end of Covid-19 nor is it the beginning.

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