The right person is the one who reconciles with himself, and they do not carry tomorrow except when he comes
The right person is the one who reconciles with himself, and they do not carry tomorrow except when he comes serenity stories

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The story of deadly pressure

The right person is the one who reconciles with himself, and they do not carry tomorrow except when he comes

. Life is full of pressures and problems, and thinking about it negatively reflects the situation and does not come up with a sound solution. Therefore,

one must improve his thinking and leave things to God. It happens to him like what happened to my friend Bilal.

Bilal was a young man who had passed childhood. He loved going out a lot and enjoying himself with friends. He used to waste time playing computer games and sports.

Bilal did not like school and neglected his school duties.

Even when he became Bilal in the third grade secondary and had to study seriously and interest, and reduce the exit daily to enter the college he wishes not to,

and the days and months and the high school exam, and increased pressure on parents Bilal, who did not study long hours .

So he could not bear the constant pressure of the parents, that he must succeed and raise the head of the family by entering one of the prestigious colleges,

and with the continued pressure on him, Bilal became so confused that he was saying to me: I wish death every day and every moment, he says To me literally: O Lord, I die before the exams come, I fear a lot of failure.

But I was trying to calm him down and say to him: God is on you my friend do not say this, do what you can and leave the rest to God,

after a period of talking with him convinced my words, and said to me: I will try to make my best but be by my side, my friend,

He called me and told me he would travel to the capital to visit my uncle for two days and then he would return.

But despite his desire that there was no acceptance of that trip with his family, it happened that his mother told me and told me that her heart is not reassuring to the trip,

and asked me to persuade him to turn away from that desire as a close friend, but despite all my attempts insisted on travel, His family wanted him.

I was there when he was ready to leave. Ali greeted and gave up his family and promised that he would study hard on his return.

Four days later, my mobile rang. The caller was one of our friends at the school, Mahmoud. I said to him, I do not understand anything, where will you go?

He said to me in a voice closer to crying, do not you know what happened? I said I do not know tell me what is there? He said: Bilal our friend died and we are going to solace tomorrow,

the blackness of the universe in front of my eyes and walked the earth and almost dropped from the shock, I said how? He's been with me for days,

he just called me yesterday! Mahmoud said to me: The car overturned on his way back and died instantly.

I could not speak at the time, blood was completely frozen in my veins and the tears were falling from my eyes without permission.

I could not sleep the day I was so sad about the death of my friend Bilal, I thought about him and remembered his prayer.

Indeed, God achieved his claim and died at a young age, had not completed his year 17 After I always remember him and visit him in his grave whenever you can,

and pray to God to forgive him and enter his crimes, it was my beloved lover,

who hurt me parting, but I learned from his story not to pretend to myself and none of my love, whatever happened.

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