Prologue: Average (Consecutive Goals)
Prologue: Average
(Consecutive Goals) psychological stories

nard I like writing but hate reading
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A introduction of the story of a prepubescent boy who has some personal issues.


Prologue: Average (Consecutive Goals)

I am a 13 year old prepubescent boy who is an upcoming second year high school student.

My mom is a single parent since they broke up when she caught father cheating.

I have light sensitive eyes which causes my instinct to close the window.

Having photophobic eyes, I despise overly bright colors and prefer dark colors.

I also have a liking for sweets but prefer to consume spicy foods with an exception to those spiciness my tongue can't handle.

My memories as a first year high school student were vague and the things that had been stuck in my mind were bitter scenes in the past,

one of them shaming myself in front of the crowd because of a performance I was forced to do.

The incident caused me to break down and lose even more confidence.

That memory scarred my heart and still haunts me till this day.

"If only I hadn't stood out. No, if only I had enough confidence"

"Yeah that's right, only if I had enough confidence"

I spent the majority of my first year as an antisocial freak who plays games after going to school.

My friends noticed the changes of my behavior and decided to stay away from me.

I was expecting them to comfort me but...

What was I even thinking, them comforting me, what a joke.

Three months passed and I was still at my cave house playing games all day.

My grades were enough to keep me going but something felt wrong.

I was still busy playing games and disregarded that feeling.

A month passed and I grew tired of playing games all day.

The wrongness I've felt a month ago grew stronger.

There was nothing but my mind to keep me occupied.

Oh well, maybe I could take a nap.

An hour and a half has passed and I still can't sleep.

Maybe the wrongness I've felt was the one keeping me awake.

I kept asking myself what was wrong as I steadily stared at the ceiling.

I went to the bathroom to take a pee.

As I went past the mirror, I saw my reflection.

"What had I become?"

A malnourished guy that with just a gaze, you can tell that that person is an unhygienic loser.

Could I still make a change?

Could I still have the chance to clear my reputation?

How many times do I have to work hard to regain my previous state?

I hastily ran to the calendar...wait we don't have any. I've checked the date of my personal computer

It's still December 5 and there is still about 3 months until the school year ends.

I have to improve the current state I'm in, at least having an acceptable first impression.

Thus the challenge to make myself better began.

3 months have passed and the school year ended.

The results looked promising as if I were a different person.

Although my physical abilities are still below an average person, my appearance looked pretty normal.

I still have to do regular exercise to keep this body fresh but with the current results, I'm satisfied.

The only thing I need to do after achieving the goal of having an average human strength at my age is to bring up my confidence level.

And so my goal of becoming an average functional human being started.

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