Chapter 8: Excellent (Consecutive Goals)
Chapter 8: Excellent
(Consecutive Goals) psychological stories

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"Well, it isn't your area of expertise." Does this guy know what I've gone through or at least understands me?


Chapter 8: Excellent (Consecutive Goals)

"Well, it isn't your area of expertise."

Does this guy know what I've gone through or at least understands me?

"After all, you're an excellent writer."

Am I happy that someone appreciated my work?

Or am I scared that I overexerted on my outputs?

Is my resistance against the past futile.

Damn it, my thoughts are deceiving me again and I don't wanna lose.

"Why did you even call me here in the first place!?"

Shit, I snapped.

"Forgive me for my rudeness."

"Sorry, I haven't explained anything to you so you're left there clueless."

For a principal to apologize to a student, polite of him to do that.

"Your grades for a specific lesson are so high that it took your teacher and our attention."

"What lesson are you talking about?"

"The lesson about storytelling."

Confidence: 25% -> 40%

Oh, the only reason that I overdid that topic is because I like making impractical stories that couldn't take place in the real world, or at least the world of losers I'm in.

"We've gone short of participants for the story writing category so we decided that you can carry the reputation of our school up against the other schools."

"Are you fine with that?"

Carrying the reputation of my own school sounds like a tough job to handle. However, if luck is on my side, the confidence I've lacked since the start of the year may come back.

The more I think of it, the advantages increase exponentially compared to the disadvantages. There is only one disadvantage that holds me back, that is time.

"What would be my schedule if I accepted this offer of yours."

"You'll be coming to the literature office every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for them to check your outputs."

Monday, Wednesday and Friday. That schedule seems tight. My body time isn't ready yet for such a sudden change in routine.

The fact that they're desperately looking for someone who is suited to this work makes me think that I can bend the flow of this situation. Maybe I can bargain.

"That's too tight, I'm a slow thinker so I can't keep coming up with an idea in an instant"

"Any other reasons?"

This is bad, I need to say something that will make them reconsider their decisions.

This may come out as rude but I'm sure that it'll be effective.

"You know, masterpieces are like farts, if you force them out, it will be shit."

Sorry for my rudeness but that is the best line my mind could think for now.

"You do have a point, however, you should watch your mouth especially when talking to your principal."


"Do you have any suggestions?"

Phew, it worked.

"How about every Friday?"

"Sure, just make sure that you pass your work on time."

"I will."

When the word principal pops into my mind, I think of them as people who have superiority complex but our principal is a kind one.

"Oh, what kind of genre do you like writing?"

After having a pretty long chat about what sorts of things I write.

There are things that I learned from the principal, one of them is him liking the ecchi genre. Overall he seems like a nice guy that I will fully respect.

At last, it's lunch time.

A question in my mind keeps bothering me as if my throat is itching to ask it.

"Mio, do you think that other people look up to me?"

"Why did you ask that all of the sudden?"

"The principal told me that I'm an excellent writer but it felt like he's just flattering with me."

"That is to be expected."

"Huh? What do you mean expected?"

"When I'm at unease at whatever I'm doing, you are always there to back me up."

"And even if there is no one looking up to you besides me, once they get to know you, they surely will."

"You're amazing!!"

"Am I really that amazing?"

As I murmured those words Mio gave me a response that would change my view on this world.

"Yes, you really are amazing!!"

Confidence: 40% -> 75%

At that time, my body moved on its own and hugged Mio while letting out a sigh and smile of relief.

"Thank you Mio."

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