Chapter 7: Excuse (Consecutive Goals)
Chapter 7: Excuse
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Now that my guess is confirmed, I can finally ask Mio about her past on why she's alone. "Mio, I have a personal question about you."


Chapter 7: Excuse (Consecutive Goals)

Now that my guess is confirmed, I can finally ask Mio about her past on why she's alone.

"Mio, I have a personal question about you."

"As long as you don't get too personal it's fine."

"What is the reason for me becoming your only friend?"

"No, you're not my only friend!"

That was a poorly made lie.

"Then why did you say to your father that I'm only your friend."

Mio's face dispirited.

"Sorry for lying."

"No need to say sorry, I was just curious about what made you this way."

Oh no, my words recklessly came out of my mouth.

The sadness in her face got even worse, what should I say to calm her down. I'm starting to sweat, I'm panicking.

Think of something Philip, make use of your brai-

"Will you still accept me even if I told you the reason?"

Her answer was should I say this, the agonizing pain behind her words. Either way I'm getting a heavy feeling about what she is about to say.

"Sure, I will always accept you for who you are because you are my friend and that's what friends do."

What's wrong in that sentence, her mood got even worse. Is it because I hit her sensitive spot on her past?

"I'm sorry."

"When I was a first year in this school, I had friends. We had quarrels on a regular basis."

"Even if I know that I'm on the right side, they will still support the closest one to them."

"Because we had arguments regularly, no one sided with me. They eventually got tired and dumped me."

"Since then, I avoided talking and making friends with other people until we crossed paths."

"When you proved yourself to me, the spark of hope in my heart lit up. I'm thankful for your presence."

Even though I didn't get the meaning behind the word 'proved', hearing her story made me feel down because I can empathize on what she has gone through.

Me and Mio aren't so different.

The difference is she lost her fight against her own friends while I lost to the battle between me and my cowardness.

"Don't worry I know what you feel since I also felt it in my life"

"What do you mean 'I also felt it in my life'?"

"Now I will ask you this question, will you still accept me even if I told you the reason?"

She quickly nods with interest showing on her face.

Then I told her my pathetic past.

Mio was looking at me with an empathetic face while I was filled with a mixed emotion of sadness and embarrassment.

I broke the ice by saying the line:

"We will fix that problem of yours."

Mio's face enlightened as I said those words.

"Now, we have better understanding of each other, I'm hoping that this will make our friendship stronger"

Right after I said those words, she embraced me.

I patted Mio to calm her.

I can safely conclude that our bond has gotten stronger.

(The next day)

"Excuse me can we excuse Philip Ruggrazer?"

"And for what reason?"

"The principal is the one who requested it."

What in the name of hell was that, it came out of the blue.

Why did the principal request to meet me, I haven't done anything naughty since I started my second year.

If it's that so then why, just why?

I have too many questions that my mind couldn't keep up.

"Is that so, then Philip come with her."

This is helpless, I'll just go with the flow for now.

I was instantly distracted by the air conditioning that the principal had when I appeared at the office.

If only our room was this cool, the sudden change in temperature made quiver.

"Do you have any idea on why you're here?"

Holy shoot, the principal is right in front of me, I didn't notice.

Coming back to that topic, the reason I came here was to answer my own inquiries so why are you even asking me that question.

"No response. Hmm, I expected more from you."

Confidence: 35% -> 25%

Those words, I don't want to hear them anymore.

Make it stop please, someone help me, Mio, anyone?

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