Chapter 31: Unevadable Aftermath of the Past (Consecutive Goals)
Chapter 31: Unevadable Aftermath of the Past
(Consecutive Goals) psychological stories

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The words Jeremy yesterday gave me the biggest clue I could ever ask for. However, if I keep waiting for his lead, the worst scenario is me becoming reliant on other people. Obviously, I want to evade that bullet so I refrained from talking about it yesterday.


Chapter 31: Unevadable Aftermath of the Past (Consecutive Goals)

The words Jeremy yesterday gave me the biggest clue I could ever ask for. However, if I keep waiting for his lead, the worst scenario is me becoming reliant on other people.

Obviously, I want to evade that bullet so I refrained from talking about it yesterday.

Becoming a comic artist is unattainable due to my lack of talents in the artistic(drawing) side.

The only way I could force myself onto that industry is by collaborating with someone who could draw. I will be the one to provide the storyboard and some of the essential dialogues.

Even if it is possible, I still wouldn't. The idea of having to talk and probably argue with someone is too tiresome for the kind of person I am.

Novelist is also an option but what's the point if your interests doesn't compliment your work.

Video games...Hmmm.......This might take some time...




What are the roles for video game development?

Search results:




4.Level designer

5.Sound engineer


After a few scrolls and reading on the subcategories of the main branches, I finally found the seat shaped in accordance with my butt cheeks.

Narrative Designer, a person who in summary, creates the lore of a game.

= = = = =


To identify a long-term goal in my life [accomplished]

Pinpoint my personal interests [accomplished]

= = = = =

My feet ejected me from the ground and I heavily exclaimed my happiness.

"WHOO! Fuck yeah!"

My mother who was busy cleaning the kitchen came running at me, worried because of the sudden noise I generated.

"What was that noise?! What happened?"

Gladly, she didn't understand what I said or else I'd be having a good lecture.

Still, Fuck yeah! Although no words could properly explain my joy, using cuss words might help temporarily cover the gap.

"I have a fucking dream now mom!"

My tongue slipped and I both got hit and lectured. The lecture took roughly 1.5 hours while the beating was precisely 1 minute.

"I'm happy for you. When you were a kid, I was worried when I asked about your dream. You will just avoid the question by simply changing the topic.

But now that you have an answer, you finally know where your destination will be."

"Yeah. Thanks for the support mom."

Just when I thought our conversation was over she followed up another phrase.

"But the way you speak..."

In the end, I was lectured for the second time.

Sunday passed and Monday started. Monday means I have to wake up again early and go to school.

"Here it is ma'am."

Our teacher read the paper I gave to her and her eyebrows furrowed.

"This is too specific and a bit too early than I anticipated. You probably just searched for an occupation on the internet and coincidently ran into this."

"That isn't true ma'am."

"To prove whether my guess is wrong, answer this question; Why did you choose this as your dream?"

"It is because I combined my interests and talents like Jeremy said and that is the result."

I was confident regarding my answer because I know that it isn't some random bullshit I came up with.

"Then I'm sorry for doubting you. Even if I'm in no place to say this, I'm glad for you. (When you were a first year......)"

She slowly stopped her sentence midway.

What was she mumbling about? 'First year' and the word 'when'. Just how much information does she know about my past which I want to forget.

"To what extent does your information about me extend?"

Our teacher became twitchy and troubled. Even so, I won't let her get out of this situation without answering me.

"Fine I'll tell you everything I know but not inside the class."

"If you're available at lunch time, I'll come to you."

That only means that she does indeed know something that isn't publicized to the students.

When I try to remember what her body language suggests,

it seems that she's not comfortable talking about it and the way she stared at me was something like 'you don't want your classmates to know about this', that type of glare.

"Philip, will you eat lunch with us Jeremy? You're still not coming out of the classroom even when everyone is in the cafeteria."

I haven't spent time with Mio recently and I apologize for that. This is a different matter which is why she has to wait a little longer.

"Sorry I cannot come today, but I'll be sure to treat you both the next time. I have to deal with something important."

Her face became puzzled and I waited for approximately 20 seconds for her response.

"If it's more important than having lunch with us, then I'm coming with you."

"But what about Jeremy?"

"He can take care of himself."

Although Mio doesn't hate Jeremy anymore, she's still harsh towards him.

"Alright then, let's go."

Mio and I went to the faculty of the teachers where our teacher, Eliza is at.

Our arrival surprised me. I was expecting something like busy teachers doing busy things but that wasn't the case. It was just ma'am Eliza.

Oh, I didn't take lunchtime into consideration.

"You brought your girlfriend? Well, I guess that couldn't be helped since it is an opportunity to strengthen your bond."

When Mio heard the word girlfriend, she didn't even put an effort into denying it. Nonetheless, saying that we aren't in a relationship is a must to avoid misunderstanding.

I better not say something that would distance me from her.

"We aren't in a relationship..."

Mio was alerted by my words so I needed to choose a word that would neutralize the tension between me and Mio.


With that, Mio came back to her cheerful self.

"'Yet' meaning there's something going on. Argh, I'm poking other noses again, sorry."

Isn't that why I came to this point?

"Anyways, you Philip are a popular student among teachers but I don't know about the students.

Every teacher had their eyes upon you and you were always the topic of the conversation in at least this faculty.

Numerous rumors have been revolving regarding you which I will not say to protect your mental stress capacity.

When you start to change yourself for good, most of the rumors fade away and every teacher supports you disregarding the rumors they know and possibly, believe.

However, this principle doesn't apply to two teachers who still have a negative opinion about you. Those teachers are George, one of your past teachers and Darick.

Darick has a high chance to be your teacher next year so be cautious around him." That bastard George caused me to crumble in the first place so why should I even call him a sir.

Darick, haven't heard of that guy.

"Could you give me a glimpse of one of the rumors that are still revolving around?"

"No, I don't want to destroy the confidence and self-esteem you worked hard for."

So basically, they know the majority of the things I did. Running away from reality would do me nothing. After all, I can't escape the aftermath of the things I did in the past.

All I have to do is face it rather than being a coward.

When I came to a conclusion, I observed Mio's reaction. It was a mixture. Sadness for the things I have and will face and happiness for the progress I made.

"Philip, you still have a long way to go so don't let these two people and the rumors bother you. You Mio, you have to support your boyfriend...I mean friend to whatever he's going through."

Mio nodded with a relieved smile.

Knowing that practically all of the teachers are on my side, worrying wouldn't be necessary.

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