Chapter 3: Introduction (Consecutive Goals)
Chapter 3: Introduction
(Consecutive Goals) psychological stories

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After regaining consciousness, a girl was sitting beside him making the protagonist confused.


Chapter 3: Introduction (Consecutive Goals)

I regained consciousness and tried to recognize my surroundings.

Seems like I'm in the clinic.

The battle between me and my fear resulted with me receiving an utter defeat.

While looking around, Mio was sitting beside the bed.

"Are you okay?"

"It seems so."

"Then what's your name?"

"Philip, Philip Ruggrazer."

"Is that so, then sorry Philip for slapping you in the face."

"It's fi-"

"I'll be heading back to our class."

Does she think that the reason that I've lost consciousness is because she slapped me?

No, that reason seems illogical but why is she here.

I do owe her a more formal apology and an in depth explanation on what happened at the train.

The conversation we just had, I hadn't thoroughly thought of the words that came out of my lips. Is that how a normal person would talk?

Was it because I just regained my consciousness which caused my critical thinking to shut down or is it because of the confusion that she's here.

Enough monologue for now, I should be heading back to the class.

--Mio's POV--

So this is the room I should be heading.

After arriving at the front of the classroom door, I saw people socializing with other people.

I guess this is the norm for schools.

I envy those guys laughing and having a good time while I'm sitting at a dark corner.

What's wrong with me?

I only had a few friends in my entire life. Most of them were childhood friends who parted ways while the others are friends from last year that turned their back on me.

I was scared of making friends cause it made me feel like they will turn their back on me sooner or later.

It's because of that that I became a loner.

While I was busy making my gloominess worse, someone was trying to talk to me.

That boy's face, I quickly recognized it.

It was him.

I've slapped him without thinking. In return he said sorry while quickly bowing head.

Then he walked toward his desk while the crowd watched us.

I felt discomfort for two reasons:

A guy who sexually harassed me is my classmate and the whole class is looking at us.

After just a few seconds the attention to us dispersed.

Even after the diffusion of the attention to us, I still felt uneasy about what the others were thinking of me.

Our homeroom teacher arrived and she told the class to introduce oneself to the class.

When it's my turn, I felt a slight discomfort but was able to finish my introduction.

The one presenting next is that boy.

As he's walking towards the front, I noticed his legs trembling and the trembling gets worse as he approaches the front of the class.

As he stands up in the front, his eyes are telling me that he is going on to something but I don't know what it is.

His trembling stopped when he saw that the class wasn't really paying attention.

He slightly smiles and I saw a little hope in his eyes.

Maybe he's been going through the same as I am.

It's still too early to jump on conclusions so nevermind.

Just as he's about to start speaking, he was interrupted by our teacher saying...

"Everyone pay attention!!"

The spark of hope he had in his eyes instantly died.

How unlucky.

Just as I thought that he was about to faint, he fell to the floor and lost his consciousness.

Honestly I felt worried about him but I don't know why.

"Do anyone of you know him? If yes can you please accompany him."

"I do."

I don't know why I said that but it feels like it's the best thing to do.

Oh, I know the reason, it is because I see myself in him.

And so I waited until he regained his consciousness.

There was nothing I had to do so I tried observing his appearances.

His face isn't ugly and if I were to fall in love with this guy, I wouldn't complain based on his facial appearances.

The rest of his body is pretty decent, his body is the same as the popular guys in this school, just less muscular.

Lastly, his buldge.

There is a bump but considering the circumstance, it is probably positioned in a way that isn't noticeable or he has a tiny...what am I even thinking.

Why did I think such a thing to the guy who sexually harassed me.

Oh he's regaining consciousness.

I should probably consult him and also apologize for suddenly slapping him.

After consulting him, I left and went back to the class.

There are two things that I had learned about him.

His name is Philip Ruggrazer and he has Glossophobia like me but worse, but overall he seems like a normal guy, at least the conversation we had.

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