Chapter 28: Failed Recognition (Consecutive Goals)
Chapter 28: Failed Recognition
(Consecutive Goals) psychological stories

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Mio became perturbed regarding what I've said. "What did you see?"


Chapter 28: Failed Recognition (Consecutive Goals)

Mio became perturbed regarding what I've said.

"What did you see?"


To release the tension of our discussion, I stepped outside the clinic.

The outside greeted me with a face that I spotted recently. It was the 'head giver in the clinic' girl. Her face was intensely reddish.

That must mean that it wasn't an illusion. She without a doubt saw me peeking while she was doing the thing.

"I'm sorry for what happened earlier. I'll do anything just for you to keep it a secret."

For some reason, I'm getting embarrassed although I shouldn't be. They are the ones at fault after all.

No, this isn't the time to be flustered. She said that she will do anything in order to refrain me from disclosing the occurrence inside the clinic.

What should I demand that will or might benefit me?

"Do I love myself?"

Her perplexion was immense that it caused her to raise her tone.

"What the fuck does that suppose to mean! I was anticipating for some sexual harassment or blackmailing-"

"If that was what you wanted, then add it to the mix."

"I didn't say that I wanted it."

She took around 37 seconds to give me a response.

"Whom do you think you're doing it for?"

"For someone dear to me."

"Is that all?"

"And maybe also for myself."

"Then that must mean that you-"

Mio abruptly appeared and disrupted the flow of the conversation.

"Who is this girl!?"

I was unable to answer her. Mio's face was covered in jealousy that it gave me the impression of 'I'm gonna get killed if I were to pick the wrong words'.

--Mio's POV--

"What the fuck does that mean!"

When I heard those words that came from outside, I remembered Philip.

My attempt at standing up almost failed. I was on the brink of fainting but I luckily managed to be conscious. Although it took some time for me to recover my composure.

Having low blood pressure sure is troublesome.

The hunt for Philip began and ended sooner than expected. Right beside the door was Philip and a girl unknown to me.

Philip's face was as serious as releasing a big fat doo in the toilet. Given the fact that seeing his face in a serious mode to this extent seldom unsettles me.

"Who is this girl?"

My sudden presence startled Philip.

"Do you have a spare moment?"

Me and the mysterious girl moved over to a place where Philip couldn't hear us converse.

"What is your relationship towards Philip?"

She explained that she was caught by Philip doing his boyfriend's stick inside the clinic. Apparently, she isn't aware that I was asleep inside the same room when she was doing the deed.

She also told Philip that she will do anything just to prevent him from spilling the beans.

"So what did he ask?"

"'Do I love myself?'"

I'm relieved that Philip didn't demand anything that crossed the line. Even so, his decision was pretty contradictory to his nature.

"Then what was your response?"

"I asked him about who he was doing it for."

"And then?"

"His reply was for someone dear to him and also probably to himself."

Every bit of fog covering my head has been cleared and I now have the grasp of the situation.

I told her that I'll take care of Philip concerning the secret between the three of us. My suggestion for her was to avoid Philip to prevent the awkward atmosphere and raising suspicion.

I'm conscious that my proposal was quite harsh for her but it's for the better of the two of them.

Philip was incredibly nervous when I came back. However, I do believe what the girl said to me.

Making up such a story would take a lot of commitment and in addition to that, she mentioned something regarding Philip's situation that only a few of us know.

--Philip's POV--

Shit! Mio's approaching me and I don't have an inkling of what that strange girl told her.

What if she lied and changed the situation a little bit? If our statements were to oppose, Mio's trust might pop like a bubble.

Thinking about it makes me want to wet my pants.

"You don't have to be nervous. It was their fault to do it in the clinic, not yours."

What a refreshment! This concludes that that girl said the truth. It must be hard for her to say something so embarrassing.

"However, I want to say something to you."

"What is it?"

"I'll reveal it later. Let's part ways for now and meet at the park."

What was all of that about and why does it have to be at the park. Anyways this is a win-win situation, I also need time to cool my head for the mental strain I received.

My spare time was spent strolling around the remaining stalls I haven't explored yet.

There are many things that piqued my attention, on the contrary, I didn't let a single cent out of my pocket. My current funds are just enough for a newly released game.

7:00 PM soon came and the gates opened. There was nothing for me to do inside the school so I left immediately.

I waited for about half an hour for Mio. Throughout that time, boredom didn't even bother me. Sitting at a bench while admiring the scenery gave me the feeling of ease.

"The moon looks beautiful doesn't it?"

I took a glance at Mio's face while she was staring at the sky. Her smile was the purest. It was the most irresistible smile I have ever seen in my entire life.

Her mood influenced mine. I shifted my attention back to the sky while unconsciously smiling.

"Not only the moon, the stars and you too."

"I wonder how vast the universe is."

"That reminds me of a line from a book I was forced to read. It goes like this, 'Compared to the whole universe, humanity is just as insignificant as a speck of dust.'.

Even if that's the case, everything changes if alter the point of reference."

"What do you mean?"

"To the universe, our existence is irrelevant but to a person, the existence of another person has a colossal impact on his or her life.

What I'm trying to say is without you, I'm still inside my room curling in a ball weeping. And without me, you're probably still a loner til this day."

"Finally you realized that. I too have realized something recently."

"What is it?"

"Your love for me is so much greater than yours that it made me fail to recognize how you love yourself. I was wrong that you didn't love yourself."

"Is that so? Then I'm happy to hear that."

"Now, the tables have turned. I'm the one feeling unworthy of your affection.

That's why I'm gonna make myself a woman who deserves every bit of your love amongst all of the people in this world."

"Then make sure you achieve that goal of yours."

I just hope that Mio doesn't attempt to do anything idiotic like what I did in the past.

= = = = =


Learn how to love myself [accomplished]

= = = = =

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