Chapter 24: Realizing a Confession (Consecutive Goals)
Chapter 24: Realizing a Confession
(Consecutive Goals) psychological stories

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--Mushitaro Kashimoto's POV-- "Papa, how did you confess to mama?"


Chapter 24: Realizing a Confession (Consecutive Goals)

--Mushitaro Kashimoto's POV--

"Papa, how did you confess to mama?"

That question caught me off guard and the logic behind that can be quite difficult to grasp. I need more clues to give a narrower guess.

"Why do you ask?"

Mio took a little while to give a reply.

"I'm just curious, that's all."

Surely it wasn't just pure curiosity. There must be some kind of outside force that is pushing her to ask.

"I confessed to her at night in an event. I asked her to come to a loose area where only the two of us are there. Since we were friends on good terms, she agreed.

My legs were shaking as I said those words. 'I liked you since I first saw you.'"

"What was mama's answer?"

"She rejected me."

After hearing that, Mio's face soured. Now I know the starting line is located.

"Then how did you get married?"

"Ohh, about that. Your mama didn't fully reject me. She gave me time to prove myself on how much I love her."

Mio touched her chin as she muttered these words.

"So there is a light at the end of the tunnel."

I dissimulated that I didn't hear a single word my daughter said.

If you put enough effort in analyzing the circumstance, the logic behind it can be understood.

"Papa, I'll be going off then."

"Just be sure to protect yourself towards Philip. No matter how you look at it, he's still a boy. Also, goodluck on your confession!"

She was flustered and fidgety after listening to the last line I spoke.

My daughter is starting to mature. Although I hope her love for Philip won't get out of hand. If that happens, separating them is necessary.

--Philip's POV--

I was chided when I informed mom that I initiated a sleepover at our house. In contrast to that, in my estimation it will be worth it.

I prepared things such as party games that can be played on a console and midnight snacks. I can say that I am ready. The only thing that is missing are the participants.

The first to arrive was Mio.

My mother greeted Mio as if she was her relative whom she hasn't seen in a considerable amount of time and the last to arrive was Jeremy and he's carrying a dozen cans of beer.

Wait a minute.

Did he actually bring beer? Upon taking a glance at my mother's response, she was giving me a menacing look. Why does this type of phenomenon keep occuring?

How did Jeremy even possess a ton of beers in the first place?

"Philip, can we have a talk?"

The summary of the discussion between me and mom was that we can only drink one can of beer per person. In addition to that, I was also rebuked.

In the daytime, we played games and Mio and Jeremy finally got along. Other than that, nothing really notable happened. Things got interesting when the dusk was over.

As soon as the darkness and stars covered the heavens, the atmosphere got messed up real quick.

My mother was in a state that I have never seen before. Jeremy and my mother both drunk a total of 11 cans which made them dead drunk.

By the time they passed out, it was already midnight. I dragged mom to her room whilst Mio fixed Jeremy's sleeping position to the futon while covering him with a nice thick blanket.

This leaves us with Mio and I remaining conscious.

The smell of alcohol is violent enough to irritate my nose and I despise it as well. It appears that the scent is stuck in my clothes.

Changing clothes alone won't be enough to make me feel at ease.

"I'll take a shower. Prepare where you want to sleep. The futon is beside my closet."

Mio became silent after the two drunkards passed out. I'm sure that she's exhausted considering how wild this day was.

Nothing beats a warm shower after a draining day. This is way too soothing that I feel like sleeping as the water runs above the surface of my skin.

My 5 minutes were spent with me appreciating the warmth of the water. Mom, I'm sorry for the water bill.

As I approached the door of my room, I saw Mio lying down in my bed in an erotic way as possible. I did what any man would do.

"Get out of my bed!"

"Isn't this your request?"

"A no is a no so get out."

My words tainted her mood. Even if it wasn't my fault, I still feel bad for her.


"Fine, but before you hop on to my bed at least take a shower or change your clothes. I don't want my bed sheet to smell like beer."

This is frustrating! She played a cute act which I bought. Even if Jeremy attended, the worst outcome is still a possible result.

While waiting for Mio to come back, a can of beer in my room caught my sight.

What is this thing doing in my room? I guess a little taste wouldn't hurt. Following a gulp was Mio's arrival.

Although Mio's appearance wasn't the thing I expected. She was covered in a towel I gave to her.

"Can I borrow your clothes? I forgot that I didn't bring any spare."

Now that I've seen her like this, my pillar has risen and my thinking is on the brink of berserking.

She opened my closet and chose the clothes she preferred to wear with an exception to one thing. The underwear.

"I wouldn't mind sleeping without a bra but I couldn't sleep without panties."

Stay calm Philip, don't let your raging beast take over your actions.

"Use my boxer briefs."

Mio went back to the bathroom to get dressed. Few seconds passed, she returned and instantaneously layed down on my bed.

"Your boxer briefs are quite loose."

Of course it will be loose. Do I have to really explain this to her?

"Boxer briefs are designed for people who have penis and balls. The reason why it is loose for you is because vaginas are flat while penises have a bulge."

"You're pretty straightforward and that's why-"

As she cut her sentence, Mio placed her head on my chest. My heart skipped a beat due to the shock it gave me.

Even after regaining my composure, I'm still baffled by her actions. I need to talk my way out of here.

"Mio, you shouldn't be sleeping alone with someone you don't like, love or trust and I'm not trustworthy in this kind of situation."

She looked at my eyes while smiling.

"Finally, you're starting to get it."

"What do you mean?"

As soon as I finished speaking, she did something I wasn't anticipating.

Mio kissed me beside my lips.

No person in their right mind would kiss someone who they don't have interest in. This must mean that-

"Yes, I like you."

My mind went blank from the excitement I got and the next thing I knew was me pinning Mio to the bed.

When my sense of rationality came back, I leisurely let go of Mio's arm to avoid startling her and laid my back down to my original position.

What have I done to someone who just confessed their feelings towards me? I'm the worst man humanity has ever witnessed.

"Philip, what do you feel about what I've just said?"

I know to myself that I like Mio but I don't feel deserving in the slightest. The thing that bothers me is why out of all the people living on the earth, she chose me.

"I can't answer that for now."




"Let's have sex!"

"Wait what the-"

"I'm just trying to cheer you up."

My mind is all over the place again. Thinking now would bring me nowhere so I'll just sleep for now and worry about it tomorrow.

"Good night Mio."

"Good night too Philip."

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