Chapter 22: Request (Consecutive Goals)
Chapter 22: Request
(Consecutive Goals) psychological stories

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"The winner of today's play is Class C-2!" I'm still disappointed that we're disqualified.


Chapter 22: Request (Consecutive Goals)

"The winner of today's play is Class C-2!"

I'm still disappointed that we're disqualified.

The person who's at fault here is the director. Where's that Merie! I swear we'll be having a calm talk, a really really calm talk!

"Why didn't you ask for an alternative!?"

My anger made my voice louder than usual which made Merie tremble since it's her first time seeing me in this state.

"I'm very sorry-"

"Best actor/actress goes to the main characters of class A-2!"

Merie's voice and the announcer overlapped but the announcer's voice was loud enough to overwhelm Merie's.

While observing the stage, the emcee's expression caught my sight. He looks dumbfounded rather than troubled when he gazes at the paper he's holding.

That specific paper holds the name of winners of best in here, best in there.

After he was frozen for a second, he went backstage. A few moments later, he came back to the stage.

"All of the awards goes to class A-2."

What the hell happened there. Are my ears playing with me? No, it doesn't look like it. My class is also astonished by it. What I was thinking to be my worst day became the most exciting.

The silence was immediately turned into incredibly loud shouts of happiness when everyone came back to their senses.

Everyone was so stimulated by joy that even I, who's usually silent, screamed at the top of his lungs just to express how delighted I am.

Despite all of that, I heard a girl on my right side guffawing like she was seeing the most humorous thing in her whole life. Who might she be?

Oh, it's just Mio.

"Why are you laughing?"

She kept howling for one minute straight."

"I might get a tummy ache ha ha. The expression you made while shouting was so hilariously bad that it carved itself into my head ha ha!"

Was it that bad? Now my curiosity is killing me to see my own expression. Either way it's nice to see Mio this cheerful.

I spent a minute or two standing there waiting for Mio's composure to come back.

"Want something to eat?"

"I'm starting to feel drained so let's go."

Jeremy showed up out of the blue just as we were about to go. When I went to the restroom, he's nowhere to be found. If so then where did he come from?

"Sorry, I was busy defecating at the literature office. It was a fat one so it took some time."

So that's the reason. I thought he went home.

"No worries. What you missed were only the important parts."

Oops, I darkened his mood. How could I make a comeback?

"Even if we're disqualified from winning the whole competition, all of the 'best in' awards are one-sided wins by us."

Upon hearing that, Jeremy's mood worsened. I'm just trying to boost his atmosphere yet he's receiving the opposite effect.

While I was perplexing myself, Mio broke the ice.

Yes, you heard me right.

"Cheer up! We still won in everyone's hearts!"

When Jeremy realized that the person who broke the ice was Mio, his spirit brightened up.

Even if Mio's words didn't get through to Jeremy, the fact that Mio, who is usually aggressive towards him, tried to comfort him.

Our declaration of lunch was a bit off the time. After finishing our meal, a batch of men came over to our table. It consists of three boys who are about the same age as me.

If I were to stereotype them, I'll consider them as the popular boy wannabes.

One of them suddenly asked Mio.

"May I know your name?"

By the looks of things, Mio was caught off guard and she isn't prepared to converse with strangers.


She's trembling in fear and I can feel it through the chair we are both sitting in. I once knew that feeling so I can sympathize with her.

I grabbed her hand to indirectly tell her that she isn't alone and that I've got her back. After she felt my palm touching her hand, her shaking stopped but her face began to appear reddish.

The guy who appears to be their leader pointed his fingers at Jeremy.

"Who is this guy on the other side?"

Mio couldn't say a word. Thankfully Jeremy saved the situation.

"I'm just his friend."

After Jeremy answered his inquiry , he immediately looked at me and asked this bold question.

"And are you his boyfriend?"

I began to feel Mio's palpitations through her pulses in the thumb.

Her sweat is starting to show up, she's probably undergoing an immense amount of stress being asked by such a straightforward question.

There's only one way to resolve this.

"Yes, I'm her boyfriend."

The three wannabes and even Jeremy are stunned by my answer. I'll just explain everything to Jeremy later.

"I was planning to ask you out but since you have a boyfriend, I will disturb you no more. Keep in mind that there are more people who are more handsome than he is."

This damn asshole, does he know that the guy he's talking about is right in front of him. Anyways, the problem has now been solved.

They left and peace came back to our table.

"Hey Philip, is it true that you are Mio' boyfriend?"

As I expected, he also bought my deception.

"What I said before was a lie to make those guys leave Mio."

The fog on Jeremy's head has now been cleared.

Now that out of the way, why did those boys try to hit on Mio? Observing her face made me realize something. She's pretty wait no, I've already realized that since the beginning.

That's it, she's wearing light makeup today!

"Stop with that glare at me! Jeremy, can you leave us for a while?"

"Sure. When you're done here, go back to the classroom. I'll be there."

And with that, Jeremy left the scene.

Now back to Mio, I'm sure she wants to say something to me.

While observing Mio's movements, her hands began to coil one another and her face was giving the same vibe as when a tsundere in an anime is about to confess her feelings.

"Uhm, why did you tell them that you are my boyfriend?"

"I sensed that you're being too stressed out back then so I tried the fastest way to drive them away since I understood the intention behind that guy's words."

Her sight is now bouncing from one wall to another.

"I'll give you a reward for doing such a risky thing for me. Give me any request and I'll do it with an exception to those who cross the line."

Time for analysis. Based on what Mio said, with an exception to those who cross the line meaning that she's expecting that I would be planning to ask a dirty request.

I don't want to be a tyrant who abuses his power so it's better to give a simple request.

Another reason why I won't request any dirty deeds to her is so that I won't distance myself from Mio as a close friend.

The question is, what is that simple request? Saying socialize more to Mio as a request is equivalent to forcing some hikikomori to blend in with the society.

However, I don't want to miss this chance.

Now I know my request.

"My request is you being less aggressive towards Jeremy."

"Cut that selfless act of yours!"

Was that also a bit too much?

"Fine, buy me a nice bottle of water."

Her eyebrows furrow out of confusion. She clenched her fist and slammed the table.

"That's too simple!"

Alright, I'm back to square one on understanding Mio's thinking pattern. What does she mean by too simple? Was she expecting something...ho ho.

"If such a simple request cannot be done then what do you want me to request. By reading the room, it seems like you're begging to me for a lewd request."

She became flustered and her face started being red for the second time.

"If that's what you want then fine. Sleep with me this Saturday."

A smile came out of his face.

"That's the deal!"

Why did I made such a dumb request and how will my mother react to this? She will be around this weekend since she hasn't received a business trip invitation. I smell trouble.

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