Chapter 21: Play (Consecutive Goals)
Chapter 21: Play
(Consecutive Goals) psychological stories

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The day of our performance has come. I'm intrigued of what- "Philip, could you spare me a moment?"


Chapter 21: Play (Consecutive Goals)

The day of our performance has come. I'm intrigued of what-

"Philip, could you spare me a moment?"

"Sir Nate, why?"

"You lost."

"Already? The play hasn't even started yet!"

"No, I mean you lost at the provincial level."


"Didn't I tell you?"


He explained that the event about story writing was canceled but the competition wasn't. It was due to a vehicle accident on their way home last time.

The participants who placed in 1st, 2nd and 3rd will advance to the regional level. Somehow, I managed to place myself in the 5th spot out of 15 writers.

After sir Nate's explanation was followed up by an hour of scolding on why I didn't win that contest. I tried my best to listen attentively but my attention wasn't keeping up.

"You really have some high expectations for me sir Nate."

"It's because you're not giving enough seriousness to your work."

To think that he has handled a ton of writers like me, he must have a lot of experience in reading the minds of his disciples.

As I was saying no, thinking. I'm intrigued what a month of preparation of our class will result in.

Whenever I see them practicing, I can straightforwardly sense the aura of interest and motivation.

Upon my arrival to the backstage where the performance will be held, the props caught my sight. They are so well made that if you took a closer look, you can see the slightest detail.

Even if propsmen are aware that such a detail wouldn't be noticed, they still did it.


"Mio! Do you know where Jeremy is?"

"No idea..."

If so, then why is Jeremy sprinting towards Mio's back?

"How many times do you have to ignore me!"

"I'm just looking for Philip."

"So you like him."

"No I don't!"

Jeremy's tease worked. They became much closer after their quarrel, in contrast to that, Mio is still aggressive towards Jeremy.

The performance of our class is about to start. As the curtains of the stage unraveled, the visuals impressed me. At first glance, it made me think that it was a professional play.

That last statement was a bit overboard. A sentence coming from a person who is in the same class of the performers, I can safely conclude that it was biased.

Back to what I was saying about the play. The exposition where the protagonist and heroine first meet each other. The acting feels natural.

Is it because the two main characters are played by the love birds of our class. Either way, they made a good representation of what was going inside my head.

Rising action is where the heroine will be raped and the word will be spread about this occurrence. The acting regarding this part wasn't as great as the exposition.

The best reason I can think of is because the scene includes rape which is uncomfortable sort of reenact. They still made a decent execution so there isn't any problem.

The climax is where the heroine will start to look down on herself and begin to disappear from the eyes of society.

The cries of the person who is acting as the heroine was incredibly good that it disturbed me. I can't pinpoint the reason why so I became speechless.

Falling action is when the protagnist will meet the heroine who's gonna attempt suicide at the rooftop of a high building. The protagonist will stop her by using his true feelings about her.

This is the most exciting part in my opinion which I will call the 'Kiss of Love' scene.

Upon taking a closer inspection, something felt wrong. Their lips are a bit off placed on what a fake kiss is.

"Mio, Jeremy. Stay here, I'll find a better angle."

No fucking shit!

They really are kissing.

The person who's responsible for this occurrence is the director, Merie. Where in the goddamn fuck is that girl! I'm gonna punch her till she collapses.

Why is she smiling? Could it be that this is also planned? What's sir Nate's reaction?

Ho ho, I'm gonna die today.

The denouement is the mental recovery of the heroine. I'm too stressed out to keep watching the play.

Oh no, sir Nate is coming towards me. What should be my last words to look cool?

"You know your punishment so prepare to accept it."

A miracle has happened and that miracle is me surviving.

"Are you the guy named Philip?"

Who is this girl and how does he know my name?


"Wow! You really are an amazing storywriter."

Is this girl hitting on me? She's just probably complimenting my creative side but the person who made that story isn't me. It's Mio and Jeremy.

"You've got the wrong idea. I only helped in making the dialogues but the people who really made the story are Mio and Jeremy."

"I want to meet them if that's the case."

Am I really that famous now and do they know about my past? This is no time to be pessimistic. Thinking negative things will only drag me down.

"This girl wants to see the creator of the story. Wait, where's Jeremy?"

"He went to the restroom."

The girl whom I met just now whispered to my ears.

"Sir Philip, is she your girlfriend?"

"I hope so- Wait what, aren't you poking other's nose a bit too far."

"What are you two whispering? Is she your girlfriend!"

After hearing their conversation, Mio's words were similar to when she's talking to me.

Did Mio's wounds within her heart start to heal? In addition to that, did Jeremy disappear out of existence? He didn't come back after going to the restroom. I'll check Jeremy's situation there.

While I'm heading to the restroom, I overheard a conversation between two people from different classes who will also perform a play.

The generalization of their discussion was them complementing on how unbeatable the play of our class was thus boosting my confidence in my class winning this match.

Then the time of the other classes' performance began. Their performance was decent but not as great as ours. Keep in mind that the previous sentence I said wasn't biased in some way or another.

This is a one-sided match and it's on obvious who is gonna win. The only thing we are waiting for is the announcement.

"The class A-2 are disqualified from winning the competition due to an unfair advantage on the acting they performed.

However, they can still win awards such as 'Best in Costume', 'Best in Acting' etc."

Here I am doubting the gods again. Why do they have to do this to me, to us!

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