Chapter 20: Questions (Consecutive Goals)
Chapter 20: Questions
(Consecutive Goals) psychological stories

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That kind nightmare again. Same situation but different dialogues. I remember vividly in my nightmare that my faceless father is pleading for forgiveness. He said various lines which had the same meaning.


Chapter 20: Questions (Consecutive Goals)

That kind nightmare again. Same situation but different dialogues.

I remember vividly in my nightmare that my faceless father is pleading for forgiveness. He said various lines which had the same meaning.

'I'll do anything',

'Please forgive me' and 'Could you please give me another chance' were some of his lines with the same intention and the answer he got from mother was a cold-hearted sentence.

"You don't have what it takes to be properly called a father."

After my mother said those words, I heard the voice of Mio calling my name.

Those words bothered me and I can't afford Mio seeing my puzzled face for an extended amount of time. She's already worried when my forehead started wrinkling.

Us splitting up is the best choice for now.

My thinking is all over the place, I can't think straight.

Damn it, my favorite drink is told to be underrated nevertheless they're out of stock in the convenience store.

It appears that I have to rely on the vending machines located at the park but still, orange juice tastes better if they're bought from a convenience store.

Watching a family have their bonding while sitting at a bench far away made me envious. I want to be distracted by something.

"Yes sir, I'll do it as soon as possible."

Who is this man and why did he choose to sit in the same bench I'm sitting at. Remember to avoid eye contact.

By the sounds of things, it seems like he was just talking to his boss or senior.

"Fucking shit! I've got too much work to do this week. Why in the goddamn hell do I have to be in charge of the most busy area of the project!"

This guy is hella grumpy. Beside his legs is a bag containing a can of beer while the other beer is currently being drunk which equates to a total of two cans of beer.

For someone to drink in public is already an irresponsible act and this dude is drinking beside a minor whom he doesn't know.

"Ahem, you shouldn't be drinking-"

I wasn't even expecting to see him here, especially in this kind of situation.x

"Mr. Kashimoto, what are you doing here?"

"That's quite mouthful to say. Just call me Mushitaro when Mio or my wife isn't around."

Does he really recognize me or do he want me to act like we're some sort of buddies. If that's the case then I'll play around with it for now.

"Then Mushitaro, what are you doing here?"

"I will finish these cans before going home."

"Are you still sober?"

"What do you think of me, some kind of a weakling?"

I've been aching to ask someone who has the experience to properly answer this question.

"What does it take to be a father?"

"So you're saying that you and my daughter had sexual intercourse?"

"No, not all. I'm asking this because I had a nightmare regarding that question. So what is your answer."

"It's difficult to give a definite answer about that but I'll try my best. Enough guts, understanding to his partner and commitment to one's actions."

His answer was pretty instinctive with an exception to the start and last part. Commitment to one's actions and guts to face those commitments, that is what my father lacked back then.

"Thanks. Now I have my answer."

"Can I ask a question in return?"


"How is Mio doing in school?"

"In academic performance, she's stable but in terms of social activity, she isn't.

Mio only talks to me and sometimes to Jeremy but other than that, she avoids having a conversation with other people."

"That doesn't sound good."

"Although I'm trying my best to make her socially stable without forcing her.'

"If only I could help."

Feeling helpless already? I wonder how he and Mio's mother raised Mio. My best guess is numerous mental breakdowns.

"You could help, it's just that hard to find an opportunity. Even I couldn't have an easy time making her improve her present state."

"I'm a bad example of a father. I'm sorry."

"You shouldn't be apologizing to me. Do that to your daughter. If you don't mind changing the subject, could I ask you another question."

"I don't mind at all."

"How does Mio act towards her boy friends?"

"Wait what the fuck! What do you mean by boyfriends!"

"You misunderstood, I was talking about boy(space)friends as in friends on the opposite gender."

"I'm relieved by hearing that. I thought my daughter was a slut for a second there."

Him calling her daughter a slut. Isn't that a bit too much even if it was a misinterpretation?

"I have no idea since Mio's first male friend is you as far as I know."

"If that's the case then thank you for answering my inquiry."

If I'm Mio's first male friend,

then the strongest hypothesis I can conclude with a sturdy reasoning is that the reason why Mio is acting like that is because she's inexperienced in having male friends and

another possibility is that she knows well that I won't do anything to her.

The last idea was pretty contrary since I did touch her breast against her will so I'll trash it.

"You can have this can as a thank you."

"You sure?"

"I won't be needing it anyways since you solved my problem."

What does he intend on stating that line?

"I don't know what you're saying so I'll just thank you anyways. Giving a minor a beer is pretty irresponsible if I were to ask myself."

"I'm sure you'll be fine."

Like father, like daughter. How hard did their head get smacked by a wall for their decisions to be this idiotic. I'm interested in what behavior Mio inherited from his mother.

I welcome myself from coming home hehe...

"Oh so you're buying beer when I'm not around."

Shit, when did my mother get back.

"I didn't buy it, someone gave it to me."

After giving her an honest explanation, she still didn't believe me because of how unrealistic Mushitaro's action was.

author's message for the readers: I'm sorry that the last chapter came out as shit. It looked kinda forced so I apologize for that.

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