Chapter 2: Familiar (Consecutive Goals)
Chapter 2: Familiar
(Consecutive Goals) psychological stories

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Its back to school. Upon entering the class, a familiar looking face of a girl arrived.


Chapter 2: Familiar (Consecutive Goals)

It's probably best to arrive early in the school so that I can get used to the increasing number of people.

Yeah, I need to be early.

The day where I will establish my new reputation will now start. The day of coming back to school.

The front gate of the school gave me an ominous feeling, it feels unbearable, it makes me want to wet myself.

No, if I were to act like I've used to, then the goal of establishing a new reputation will be meaningless.

Bear it, bear it, bear it until you've got to the room.

It's been an hour and there's still no people coming towards the room.

"Did I come a bit too early?"

Well there's no backing down now since I'm here.

It's weird being alone in a place where you shouldn't be, and so I waited.

Finally, three people came in the form of a group.

The feeling of excitement instantly turned into anxiety.

Why are they looking at me?

I don't know them, but do they know me?

My anxiety levels are rising up again, this is bad.

Just before I'm about to have another mental breakdown, more people arrived.

The feeling lessened the more people came until it disappeared.

Thank goodness I'd maintained the coolness of my appearances or else I've been sweating profusely which will cause more attention to be aimed at me.

While thinking of a way to keep my mind occupied, a girl with a familiar looking arrived in the room.

Who and where have I seen that girl?

Should I ask her about it?

No, it would look like I have a crush in her.

But the curiosity keeps bugging the hell out of me.

Screw it.

The more I approach, the familiarness strengthens.

"Um, haven't I seen you before?"


The girl realized who I am and another familiar thing hit me.

The girl let out a painful yet familiar smack in the face.

The sound of that smack was loud and caught everyone's attention.

Oh, so that event did really occur.

My instincts told me to bow my head and say sorry, and so I did it while disregarding what others might think of me.

After five seconds, I came back to my desk contemplating on what just happened.

I thought that was just my wet dream.

While I was petrified thinking, many procedeed on what they're doing.

It seems like they didn't even care.

Then our homeroom teacher arrived.

She told us to introduce ourselves by writing and discussing our name, age, interest and things we want to be in the future in the front of the class.

Giving out my name and age is easy, however, my interests are uncommon and I don't know what I'd like to be in the future.

Maybe I should just write reading literature rather than manga since it sounds more formal but in the future, what would I write?

I'll just write undecided, I'm hoping that they will understand.

The introduction began.

The placement of our desks are composed of five rows and six columns. Each column was grouped into two to make way for people to walk.

I'm placed in the fourth row in the third column from the window while the girl who smacked me in the face was on my left.

Then the introduction to the class began.

The order of introduction was always left to right to every row which made that girl first before me.

The more students finished their introduction, the tenser the feeling I'm getting.

I'm next after her.

So her name was Mio Kashimoto and my estimation about her age was right. She is the same age as me.

I wonder if her father is Japanese.

As I stood up, my legs started to tremble and the trembling became stronger as I came near in front of the class.

Seems like they're not really paying attention, this should be fine.

"My name is-"

"Everyone pay attention!!"

Shit! This is really a bad situation, the trembling got even worse.

What should I do

What should I do

What should I d-

What shou----

I lost in the battle of my fear, before I knew it I lost consciousness.

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