Chapter 19: Reasons (Consecutive Goals)
Chapter 19: Reasons
(Consecutive Goals) psychological stories

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--Mio's POV-- I'm nothing but a burden to Philip and Jeremy. First is Jeremy, he mostly did the work while I was there completely silent.


Chapter 19: Reasons (Consecutive Goals)

--Mio's POV--

I'm nothing but a burden to Philip and Jeremy. First is Jeremy, he mostly did the work while I was there completely silent.

And the last is Philip, the main reason why he came up with the decision of having a sleepover is to confirm and suggest events in the story.

Even though I suggested events here and there, I wasn't able to confirm the plot of the story. I want to compensate for my troubles towards the two of them.

"Are you done with the script?"

Philip and Merie discussed the script. That was my chance to repay them but I couldn't say a word. My intention was to inform Merie not befriending her yet why.

"I'm going back to the class."

Seeing them talking made me insecure about my purpose there. Philip and Jeremy did 90% of the work while the other 10% was mine. I'm nothing but a hindrance.

"Mio, can I have a moment with you? While doing laundry, I found your clothes there."

"Where is my panty?"

"Oh about that, I didn't find one."


Philip's obviously lying. I noticed that one of my panties was missing while I'm organizing my clothes. Maybe I can use this as a pay back for my inconvenience to Philip.

"Keep it."

"Thank you very much!"

"D-Don't do anything weird to my panties."

What I said is irrational. It's logical for men, especially Philip's thinking pattern to do something to my panties.

"I promise I won't. I'll treasure it."

Now that I think about it, that wasn't enough as compensation. What I did was just to fill the gap of his sexual desires. Overall I still did nothing for him.

After the class ended. Philip went to the library while I was tailing him. It's the first time I saw him willingly go to the library.

What is he reading? A book about a teenage girl's thinking but why?

"What are you doing Philip?"

"Just finding the meaning behind her wor-. N-Nothing! Wait there I'll be back."

Is he hiding something again? I'm in no position of uncovering Philip's secrets so I won't push myself. 'Just finding the meaning behind her words.' What does he mean by that?

"I'm reading a book about how alcohol affects the brain of a person."

He changed the book he's reading. Philip really is hiding something but I won't poke my nose to his business for the time being.

"Is that so."

Philip had an earnest interest in the book about alcohol. Then again, why? Is he plotting something or he's just genuinely fascinated by alcohol.

I feel like blushing the more I look at him. I need a book to distract me from gawking at Philip's face.

He's so busy reading that book that he didn't even notice that I left his side. Now for my sake, I'm sort of failing at mathematics so I'll read the book about algebra.

It took me some time to pick the right book. After coming back, Philip was asleep. The work on the last day must've exhausted him.

I don't have the courage to say this straight to Philip's face but today, I will confess to myself.

The reason why I let my guard down when I'm around you is because I know that you will protect me. Even if you have dirty thoughts from time to time, you know how to control yourself.

You behave in a way where you always put others first. You're too considerate. I know that deep inside, you are an honest person. I'll just whisper it to you ears.

"That's why I like you."

I'm uncertain if my reasons are rational enough to stand for liking you so that's why I only like you, not love you. Who knows if my feelings for you will evolve into something stronger.


Did Philip hear what I said? Please no, I don't have the guts required yet.


No, he's having a nightmare.

"Philip? Philip."


"Huh? Another one of those nightmares."

"Another one of those nightmares?"

"Oh it's nothing."

The face of Philip looks puzzled.

"What is that nightmare about?"

"My so-called father."

"Is there anything I can do to help?"

"No, this is for me to resolve."

After that conversation, we parted ways. I convinced him a couple of times to go home together, but he still refused. His only reason was that he wanted to spend his time alone.

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