Chapter 18: Honey (Consecutive Goals)
Chapter 18: Honey
(Consecutive Goals) psychological stories

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Argh! My head hurts so bad that I want to be decapitated. That should be the price for overusing my brain last night. Damn it, what we finished last night was only the story and we haven't even written a single word to the script.


Chapter 18: Honey (Consecutive Goals)

Argh! My head hurts so bad that I want to be decapitated. That should be the price for overusing my brain last night.

Damn it, what we finished last night was only the story and we haven't even written a single word to the script.

"Don't worry, we still have a full day."

Huh? Was I thinking out loud? Will she accept my plea of decapitation?

"Good morning Philip. I cooked some breakfast for us!"

"Good morning too."

My heart is racing at an abnormal rate. This is my first time feeling this feeling. A woman inviting you to eat breakfast she cooked just after waking up.

Is this what having a family feels like?

No, I barely scratched the surface of what having a family is like. If that's the case, then why did my father let go of us, his family.

Without a father or a mother, a family can't function correctly. I remember when I asked mother how she raised me all alone.

The answer I got was she wasn't alone. My grandmother took care of me while she was away working.

When grandma passed away, everyday I saw despair covering her face but I didn't understand why since I was just 6 years old at that time.

She resigned from her job and applied for a less time restrained one. Luckily she was accepted.

The salary she got was considerably less than her previous job but her choice was necessary in order to take care of me.

Everytime she had a mental breakdown, I was there asking her what's wrong but the only reply I always received was 'nothing' and a hug so tight that it would almost crush my body.

When I became 10, my grasp about my mother's situation became clear. Upon understanding the struggles she had gone through, I began to feel like a hindrance to my mother.

I began indirectly telling her that I can take care of myself and that she needs to take care of herself more.

However, all my efforts were wasted so I took the initiative to tell her directly what I was thinking.

Mother wouldn't have to go through this much trouble if my father didn't abandon us. My mother single handedly made a table stand with only two legs.

I will never forgive my father for leaving his own family.

"Could I make a request to you, Mio?"

"As long as it doesn't cross the line."

"Can we pretend to be a family for a moment."

"I'm fine even if it is a whole day hon(ey)."

For once, I'm able to experience a family I've never had.

"Then what does my cooking taste like?"

"Wow, it tastes horrible but since my wife cooked it for me. I'll gladly accept it!"

"That isn't even a compliment!"

"Then shall we continue our work inside the bedroom?"

"I said I'll agree to pretend like we are a family but not to that extent."

To come to think about, my words did really sound like I was inviting her to fool around on my bed.

"Don't get the wrong idea. It's too bright for me here in the living room."

"You're just making excuses."

My eyes will start to hurt if they are exposed to bright light over an extended amount of time. I am unable to last long here in the living room.

"If you don't believe me then don't follow me."

Seems like Mio isn't gonna come to my room. That's great, which means she is making her guard up. In addition to that, I work better when I'm alone.

"Don't do anything weird to me."

I guess she can't hold the feeling of being lonely in the living room.

We ended a lot sooner that I anticipated. We started at 7 AM and finished at 3 PM.

After accompanying her towards her home, as usual her father thanked me for taking care of her daughter although he had his suspicions.

I'm all juiced up in energy but I still haven't cleaned the house. While doing the laundry, I discovered should I say this? I found a treasure.

Mio forgot to take the pair of clothes she used.

Shirt, joggers, bra and panties. It's a whole set.


I'll return all of them except for the underwear hehehe...

(The next day)

"Mio, can I have a moment with you?"

I hope that she doesn't notice or else my friendship between me and her is done for.

"While doing laundry, I found your clothes there."

"Where is my panty?"

"Oh about that, I didn't find one."


I'm done for, someone help me please. Jeremy? Wait, he's absent.

"Keep it."

"Thank you very much!"

"D-Don't do anything weird to my panties!"

"I promise I won't. I'll treasure it."

Isn't she supposed to get mad at me. Mio's thinking pattern complexity is vast. This may become troublesome in the near future. What she said that night leaves my mind perplexed.

I wonder how her father deals with her.

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