Chapter 14: Congratulation (Consecutive Goals)
Chapter 14: Congratulation
(Consecutive Goals) psychological stories

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At 5:47 PM, we arrived at the school. The last class ends at 5:30. There should be no students left inside since the janitor will be patrolling around. However, the teacher's dismissal time is around 6 PM and when things get busy, they can sometimes go home at 7.


Chapter 14: Congratulation (Consecutive Goals)

At 5:47 PM, we arrived at the school. The last class ends at 5:30. There should be no students left inside since the janitor will be patrolling around.

However, the teacher's dismissal time is around 6 PM and when things get busy, they can sometimes go home at 7.

"Philip, can we have a talk at the literature office?"

Why? What is the reason why sir Nate asked that? Probably improvements for my story writing.

"Yes sir."

That's strange. The literature office is usually quiet. Sounds like there's something happening inside.

Sir Nate seems to be baffled by the noises coming inside the office. This only means that this is a rare occurrence.

As he grabbed the doorknob. Three faces appeared before our eyes. Two were Mio and Jeremy and the other is Lizzie, sir Nate's colleague.

By the looks of things, Mio and Lizzie are arguing and Jeremy's on Lizzies side.

"What are you two doing here?!"

Silence covered the atmosphere between the five of us. I hate this type of air around. It's time for me to break the ice.

"Why are the two of you here?"

"Mio kept insisting to wait for you, leaving a girl alone is risky so I accompanied her."

Wow. Jeremy is a reliable person towards Mio. Is it because she likes Mio or he's just that caring. Either way, Jeremy did nothing wrong so there's no need to worry.

"Thank you for waiting and accompanying Mio."

"About the thing that I want you to talk about."

Oh yeah, almost forgot about that.

We went to a private area where only the two of us can understand what the other is saying.

Sir Nate discussed about my writing style, that I have to reduce the amount of erotic scenes on my story and that I also have to focus more on story progression.

"Sorry sir, I'll do my best to change that part of me but I will not guarantee that it will be an instant. Old habits die hard."

Oops, my tongue slipped at the last part.

"After reading the first volume(Aphrodisiac Lover) while on our way here, old habits will really die hard."

I mean he's not wrong so I can't refute his sayings. It's good that he understands the circumstance that I'm in, unlike the teacher I once had who forced me.

After the talk we had, I approached Mio and Jeremy.

"Mio, you're not wrong that someone looked up to me."

A genuine smile came from Mio's face. I want to cry in happiness for the third time today but I can't at this place. It will be weird for others.

"I almost forgot to congratulate you on your win."

There's no need for sir Nate to congratulate me, you already helped me more than I can repay.

"You won?"

"Well, yeah."

"Then congratulations!."

"What can I say except thank you!"

I reached another checkpoint on my life. There's still a long way ahead for my life but this is a huge piece in making myself complete.

"It's starting to get dark, all of you should start going home."

Jeremy's direction towards his house is the opposite of Mio and me. This leaves the two of us alone together.

When the feelings that built up inside the school settled down, I started to feel empty.

But why?

This feeling of emptiness is the same as the feeling after finishing all the quest in a game I loved. How would I fill the gap?

Is it because I finished up all my goals in life?

I don't know what to do after this.


Mio suddenly blew my neck which is enough to send shivers down my legs. It's October so the temperature starts lower.

"W-What was that for!!"

"You looked kinda down even though you just won."

Am I making that face while I was thinking?

"If there's something wrong, you can tell it to me."

She truly cares for me. What can I do to repay her?


That's it! I told that I'll help Mio fix the problem of hers.

Now that I solved my own troubles, I'll make that my goal. To help Mio.

It's been a month but I still can't make a move. I was unable to find any opportunities.

Since I started to consider helping Mio a goal. The feeling of emptiness left. This concludes that the emptiness I sensed is caused by lack of goals.

Living aimlessly without a goal is the same as entering a maze without an exit. Eventually, you'll feel lost and lose motivation to keep moving on.

What should I have for lunch?

"This week is expected to be the coldest because of the sudden surge of the northeast monsoon that is coming towards our country."

Really! Even now it's cold and it gets even worse. What if I were to even live a little closer to the north or south pole, my ass will definitely freeze.

"What time is it? Oh crap! I'm gonna be late."

I arrived at the school just in time. Thank the gods for slowing the time.

"Everyone pay attention."

Our homeroom teacher. What is she about to announce?

"On December 19, just before the Christmas break, you will be performing a play on the stage and you're up against the other class."

December 19, that is about a month away from today.

"Maam, will the story of our performance be an original piece or will we base it on some already made story?"

"No, it will be original. So start assigning your roles for our class."

"As the class president I will appoint you Philip as the story creator."

The girl who is a self-proclaimed class president is Merie. I don't exactly hate her nor like her.

"Can't I have another selection?!"

"Our classmates can't make a decent story so you're the best suited for this task."

"Objection! Everyone can create a story if they put their heart and mind in it."

That sounded like it came from the court.

"If so then we shall decide this by voting. Everyone who agrees that Philip should do this job raise their hands!"

The winner has been decided. I'll beat your ass next time we have another argument.

"Select your assistant/s if you like to have one."

Whom I've become the closest is Mio and Jeremy. I'll pick both of them.

"Mio and Jeremy."

"Okay, Philip, Jeremy and Mio will be in charge of the story writing and scriptwriting."

Another short-term goal for this month.


Help Mio on her problem

Create a story and script for the play

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