Chapter 10: Visitor (Consecutive Goals)
Chapter 10: Visitor
(Consecutive Goals) psychological stories

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--Mio's POV-- Philip didn't attend class today.


Chapter 10: Visitor (Consecutive Goals)

--Mio's POV--

Philip didn't attend class today.

A whole day in class without Philip feels empty.

For some reason, when I'm around him, my heart beats at an abnormal rate and my face easily turns red.

Could it be that I have fallen in love with him? No, I'm just worried about him. He's nice towards everyone which means Philip only sees me as a friend.

Philip won't miss a class just because of an insignificant reason since he is a hardworking person although he doesn't show it.

What could be the reason for his absence.

"Maam, why is Philip absent today?"

"He messaged me that he got sick, he didn't mention what kind of sickness he got."

"May I ask where the address of students in our class is?"

"On the bookshelf beside the door. It is labeled as 'Student Info Class 2-A'."

"Thank you ma'am."

Where could that be?

Here is it, so this is the location of his home. The distance from my family's house isn't very far.

I'll visit Philip at his house after the class. I'm troubled about what condition he's in right now.

If the records are correct, then Philip's somewhere behind this door.

*knock* *knock*

"Who are you and what are your inquiries in this household?"

This is probably Philip's mother. Although she isn't very good at greeting people like his son, I can feel the aura of her kindness.

"I'm Mio Kashimoto, is this the place where Philip Ruggrazer is living?"

"Yes, come inside."

The house he's living in is quite normal. I like it.

"He is currently in his room, probably resting."

"*knock* *knock* Philip, your girlfriend is here."

Did the words I heard really come from Philip's mother? Stop it you're making me blush.

Philip opened the door and immediately returned to his bed. He looks exhausted.

"I'll be leaving you two. Philip, don't disappoint your girlfriend."

"How many times do I have to tell you that I don't have a girlfriend."

So it was a misunderstanding between the mother and the child. Thinking about this makes me smile.

"How did you know my address?"

"I asked our adviser for your address."

While looking around his room, there are a few things that I noticed.

His room was fairly cramped but it's clean so its cozy inside. The bookshelf Philip has are filled with the brim of books consisting of volumes.

However, based on the title that can be read the books are for entertainment purposes only.

"How did you get sick?"

"I was finishing the story I asked you about two weeks ago and accidentally fell asleep while correcting grammatical errors. After I woke up, I realized that I caught a cold."

Thankfully it was only a cold, I expected a lot worse.

Maybe I could compliment his room for being neat and organized. He has a gaming section and a studying section in a room this small.

"You have a pretty nice room."


The thing that bothers me is how dark his place is. The windows and curtains are closed and the wallpaper is dark colored.

"But this place is a little gloomy."

"Heh? Gloomy?"

I stood up and headed towards the window.

"You should let more light in."

Just after I opened the curtain he screamed in pain.

"My bloody eyes, Aargh!!"

I was frightened by his reaction and closed the curtain right away.

"I'm sorry."

After seeing his pathetic face, I released an ample amount of laughter.

"What are you, some kind of vampire."

"How dare you insult a person right after saying sorry to them."

While we were having a good laugh I saw her mother walk past the door while giving out a thumbs up while Philip offered a furrowed brow in return.

After I took a look at Philip's bookshelf, the titles of his books sounded like pornographic stories. If I were to directly say that, the conversation may pause for a while.

I should probably take steps escalating to the topic little by little.

"What type of literature are those."

"Those are mangas, what I've said inside the class is a lie."


"This may seem contradictory to what I'm doing but I hate reading blocks of text."

That is heavily contradictory.

"'Aphrodisiac Lover', that sounds like a pornographic manga."

"I wouldn't really say it as porn but probably an ecchi genre."

"You really like lewd stuff."

"Don't get too deceived by the title, it has a twisted plot."

Just how could he say that with a straight face, Philip has an interesting taste in stories he read. He's unpredictable, that is what I hate and like about him.

"Do you have a copy of the story you wrote? I'm interested in the results of your hard work."

"Sure, keep in mind that the grammar isn't refined yet."

"The outside is starting to get dark, get well soon so that we can eat lunch together."

"Thanks for visiting me, take care of yourself."

--Philip's POV--

Mio does really care for me.

"Your girlfriend left now, what was the topic of your conversation."

"I'm starting to get tired of telling you this."

Mother keeps insisting that Mio is my girlfriend while I kept persuading her into believing that we're just friends.

"Having a girlfriend isn't bad, having a child too early does."

"I understand."

She does have a point.

If me and Mio were to be official, I'll gladly take it. I understand her and she understands me, sounds like a perfect pair to me.

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