The Passionate Poltergeist
The Passionate Poltergeist fire stories

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A vivid nightmare I had once that I decided to make into a short poem/story

The Passionate Poltergeist

The dilapidated barn amongst many a crop Stuck in solitude, awaiting a guest Holds enough secrets to make your heart stop Or at least enough to feel it in your chest

Where in the past, hosting promenades and dance Alit with a muddled hue from the lanterns within And the guests fond of each other exchanged a glance So infatuated with it all, that they didn't bother to listen

To a spark and fire, made not of love But flame, which soon enveloped the dry hay Rafters fell from the roof above Blocking exits, so the guests could not run away

Leaving us here, returning to this bygone disaster Approaching the ruins, we hear something, it's not horses neighing Alluring... yet your heart now beats faster To the sound of a rotten fiddle playing

A soothing voice calls to you, calming your nerves At first, from the incinerated doors, a hand extends It pulls you in, the music grows louder But now, each note warps and bends

The ghastly stench of burnt flesh penetrates your nose There are others here, but you feel out of place The music continues, guests in ashen clothes A guest approaches with a vicious embrace

Somehow it's pleasant, yet something's awry "Please stop" you hastily implore The guest looks up, a glint in their eye Fire spreads around the lively, decaying floor

A deathly shriek, and guttural growls from all around Crying boiling tears, for what's about to come Even your own screams can't drown out the sound For the infernal dance continues for eternity

Awaiting the next esteemed guest To arrive, at my behest

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