The Burden of Remembrance
The Burden of Remembrance poetry stories

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Something I wrote after a long night out.

The Burden of Remembrance

When you lay your tired body down for one final rest, and watch again all of the lies you once told, you'll feel only one of two emotions.

Sad or Sorry.

Not anger, nor confusion, nor happiness. Nor will your happiest memory outweigh your most meager lie.

In the moment, what was to gain will have been ill-gotten. Integrity and principles now long forgotten.

Like the rust consuming a chain link fence, or as termites devour forgotten homes.

Cold winds break down the door to your soul, so that wretched actions of evil may enter.

I now realize why some crimes are committed.

People simply lose the will to care.

And you forget how it is to care.

I thought forgetting was once a blessing.

Yet now, into the past, I long to stare.

Numb years now long gone for nothing.

A body well worn, or well nurtured, unless you're lucky enough to have both.

We aren't all the same in the sense that we'll end up in the dirt.

We're the same in that we'll be remembered for how we were so different.

So embrace it all, but give no care.

For the burden of remembering, won't always be yours to bare.

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