I'm Just Constantly Angry

I'm Just Constantly Angry feelings stories

nangelone I like writing stuff, Sometimes I share.
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A quick poem I wrote, after feeling angry. What more can I say?

I'm Just Constantly Angry

I'm just constantly angry So upset with the little things

Which are meant to be enjoyed Yet vehemently, pull at my strings.

Who, or what I'm angry with I simply cannot say

But something burns inside It cannot be kept at bay

Perhaps, camouflaged in something Sadness, could it be?

You'd be sorely mistaken For anger, and only that, rests in me.

Allow to me explain why this is so Like money, emotions are deposited.

Happy, sad, fearful, and hurt To where these, go, I'd be glad to let you know.

To the hurt lover The successful friend An unemployed bum And the sad sack of shit who just can't hit send.

You see, anger has rules It cannot be transferred.

Just like the final dollar in your account With anger, however felt, you're stuck with that amount.

Anger, fury, and rage They're all one in the same.

Not emotions felt But feelings, that are tamed.

Next time you feel something Make sure it's for you.

Next time you react to something Make sure, you're being true.

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