The white wolf pt.4
The white wolf pt.4 bts stories

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The white wolf pt.4

She was coming down the stairs when her cousins had come inside. They stopped and looked at her with open mouths.

Jin: spray me with hobi water, and call namjeues cause omg my child has grown up so fast! Jk: jin you just met her today!! Jin: shut up, everyone younger than me is my child, and that is that.

Y/N: thank u for the compliment jin Hyung, and thank you for this dress Uncle and Aunty. Aunty Kim: you're welcome but I didn't make it, Yeonjin from TXT did, so you should thank him.

Y/N turned to yeonjin and ran to him and hugged him, Y/N: Thank you yeonjin, so much for this dress!! Yeonjin: you're welcome.

Then y/n skipped upstairs to put up the dress she came back down in the outfits she was already wearing(the outfit looks like this) she was singing Dimple a new song by the vocal line in bts

she was at the part at the end where the vocal line does the high note, she came down embarrassed and then she felt someone hug her she looked up and saw Suga Jimin: Hyung you don't hug us!!

Suga: cause she hasn't done anything to me and why can't I give the youngest person here a hug Y/N; "Hey just because I'm young doesn't mean I won't beat u

up yoon-gi Oppa" Yoon-gi: yeah yeah sure Y/N!! Y/N: ok fine you want to play that game let's play, just know you will have to bow down soon BTS X EXO X TXT: OHHH yoon-gi you about to get it!!

Jk: I have finally found my other half!! RM: hey I thought I was your other half!! Jk: you are but y/n has taken your place.

RM: it doesn't matter I am now jin's other half y/n: yes!! NAMJIN IS FOREVER!!! Namjin: Yes it is namjin forever.

Y/N: yes It is true(whispers I just need Vminkook and sope and then I'm done) BTS: what did you say Y/N: Nothing, nothing at all!!

Then y/n's aunt and uncle come downstairs and say: ok guys it's time for you guys to go home so that they can eat and then go to sleep.


Then they left then everyone went to take a shower (luckily y/n had her restroom and didn't have to share one with the boys) Y/N came downstairs in this pair of pj's and came to eat,

Y/N: this food is amazing thank you!! Aunty: your welcome!! Y/N: Let me help you do the dishes, for you!! Aunty: no you are our guest for the summer!

Y/N: No I insights on doing them to show our gratitude for taking me in this summer. Aunty Kim: u are so nice y/n come to my room after ok I have something to give you. Y/N: ok.

Then she started to do the dishes.

4 minutes later Y/n knocks on the door Y/N: Aunty Kim may I come in? Aunty Kin: yes y/n come come( hands her a box) Y/N: what is this?

Mrs Kim: open it! Y/n then opens it to reveal a necklace y/n: Aunty Kim you didn't need to get me this it's too expensive for me you have it I can't take it.

Kim: yes you can and you will take it do you know where it comes from?

Y/N: it comes from beauty and the beast! Kim: That is right because we all have beauty but sometimes we can be a beast to one another. Y/N: thank you, Aunty! Goodnight.

Aunty Kim: goodnight y/n, sweet dreams!! Y/N went upstairs and fell asleep right away.

3:03 pm in the afternoon

Jimin came into your room and yelled ``Y/N wake up or you're going to be late for school" that \ then everyone was rushing to get dressed THis is the uniform and BTS ran out of

the front door while saying BYE, LOve you guys.

At school

Y/N was looking at her scusual

Period 1 Study Hall Mr.Lee

Period 2 Language arts Mrs.Jen

Period 3 Math Mr.Min

Period 4 PE Coach Kim

Period 5 Lunch

Period 6 Dance Mrs and Mr. Lee

Period 7 CHoir Ms. Jung

Period 8 Study Hall Mr.Lee

Jk: what classes do you have y/n? Y/N shows them her schuel

J-hope: y/n you have a class with each of us except for PE Y/N: oh ok that's cool! Then she looks to find her locker and everyone is staring at her and then Exo comes up D.

O: I didn't know you were going to school with us. It sucks that we are still in school and everyone in America is on summer break and we have to wait! Y/N starts to laugh at d.o.

Y/N: it does feel weird to have to go to school in the summer but at least I get to learn different things that no one in America will know, yeah! Then she went to her first class of the day.

She saw her cousins " hey Jimin, jk, j-hope, jin, rm,v, and suga" BTS: hi!

Then they went in the teacher say y/n Teacher" why hello you must be the new student, class please give the new student your full attention, please" the class turned around and looked at y/n,

Y/N: (American/Busan Accent) hello my name is y/n and I'm glad to be in your class, please take care of me. Girl 1: oh my god she is so cute! Girl 2: I know.

Teacher: ok now please go sit at the table with BLACKPINK...Girls, please raise your hands. BLACKPINK raised their hands. Y/N went to go sit at the table with Blackpink.

Y/N: Hello! Lisa: HI I'm Lisa, that's Jisoo, Jennie, and Rose! Jisoo, Jennie, Rose: Hello, where BLACKPINK! Then Y/n sat down and started to listen to the teacher.

When class was over y/n went to look for bts cause she noticed that they were in every class that she had she was singing dimple in a quiet voice.

Then she saw exo talking to some girls Kai: yeah we went to their house yesterday.

Y/N snuck up to Lay and put her hands over his eyes y/n: guess who? Lay: well you spell like strawberry's so y/n! Y/N: how did you know it was me behind u?

Exo and the girls turned to see lay and y/n talking, Y/N: oh my god I have to go bye guys I'm almost late. She ran to her next class. It was Language arts, Mrs.

Jen, Y/N got there before the bell had rung. She sat in her seat lucky the teacher didn't see her. Then the teacher took roll call `Kim y/n" y/n raised he hand "here" Mrs.Jen: oh you must be the new student we have heard about, you don't have to introuduce yourself or anything just tell us 2 small things about yourself. y/n:oh ok!

Number 1: I am here for the summer. Number 2: I'm going to school with my cousins. Mrs Jen: who are your cousins? Y/N: my cousins are Jin, Suga, J-hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook! Everyone looked at y/n Girl 1: she's lying bts told all of us they don't have any more family. Then y/n sat down.

WHen they had gotten out of class she went towards he locker, she put her stuff up and go tthe rest for next class, then Twice the mean girls came up to her.


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