It's Hunting Season: Chat with Venture Hunt Founder Daniel Greenberg
It's Hunting Season: Chat with Venture Hunt Founder Daniel Greenberg venture-capital stories
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Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring, it doesn't matter what season it is, it's always Venture season

It's Hunting Season: Chat with Venture Hunt Founder Daniel Greenberg

by Nakul Kurane

Quick Intro


Who is Daniel Greenberg?

Daniel Greenberg is a Finance/Computer Sceience student and an ambitious young entrepreneur, the founder of Vibrind and Venture Hunt. In this edition, we'll be discussing Venture Hunt

What is Venture Hunt?

Venture Hunt is a platform that will help entrepreneurs with ideas get the funding necessary to help them succeed. Half-baked ideas included

Q and A


How do you generate new ideas?

Simply it starts with looking for problems in the market. I created Vibrind because there was nothing that catered to influencers.

How long do you stick with an idea before giving up?

In terms of ideas, the way I view it is ending a project is more so “letting go” than it is “giving up.” When I know the company doesn't have a shot anymore...that the market is not there...

How do you go about marketing your business? (Venture Hunt)

I utilized my connections in the VC and founder space. Some of our judges with social media influence also helped. Then there's always reaching out in entrepreneur communities online.

How did you build the relationships with VCs and companies?

I had started building many relationships with influential people through Facebook. I would talk about the application launch and the judging rounds and how they’d be involved.

How do you narrow down applicants and who sees it first?

After submitting the initial form, we send the applicant a typeform. Everyone has access to a portal and we ask judges to look at applicants and see if they find synergies and go from there

What would you tell entrepreneurs about starting a startup?

If you fail, you have to get right back on the horse. Assume going into it, that your first startup will fail. I see many young entrepreneurs that get cocky but it's important to be humble

What will be a good way to meet people in the future?

I think Facebook will still be a way as I have proven so. Introductions don't always have to be an introduction through a mutual friend. In your network, if someone's in your city, get coffee!

What important truths do very few people agree with you on?

Cold FB messaging works. Do in-house development. You don't have to be a designer/developer to find success. Also, school grades aren't as important as what you learned and what you did outside

Got any ideas?

As a result of these great insights from Daniel, if you've had that idea you just want to get started on, now might be the time! No one else is going to make you do it! Carpe diem!

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