Toy Boxes 6/1/18
Toy Boxes
6/1/18 unneeded stories
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mythicalangel Tumblr Rat// MythicaltheAngel
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Some of the first poetry of mine I thought was okay to see the light of day.

Toy Boxes 6/1/18

I was your favorite toy But now I'm left on the bottom of the box Forgotten and unwanted

I watch you play with your new friends Your newer toys, just opened Fun and ready to play with

You have this look in your eyes That I've never seen before Seas of happy with fish of sad

Did I bring the fish? Or did they? I never would've made you cry

Maybe I once fit in your box Without your new toys But I know that I can't anymore

It just means something Very simple That I can't understand

That me and you You and me We were just never meant to last

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