Tell Me Something True
Tell Me Something True worthless stories
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mythicalangel Tumblr Rat// MythicaltheAngel
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Literally thought about this on the spot at 2am. I think it's good enough??

Tell Me Something True

I found the one Who must only speak truth

Pinocchio tell me please Can I find happiness? Can I be loved? Can I be accepted? Do I truly matter?

Pinocchio says One day You'll be happy You'll find love You'll find your place

I run out, frustrated Angry They were right after all They're the only truthful one They'll never lie to myself Like a wooden puppet

Only they are truthful Even if I don't want to believe It's the truth They know As do I

I will never be happy I am not lovable I will never be accepted I will never matter To anyone

I know this Because they told me Only my demons know The complete truth Because I am worthless

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