Sleepy Pill 7/11/18
Sleepy Pill
7/11/18 pills stories

mythicalangel Tumblr Rat// MythicaltheAngel
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Sorry I've been gone awhile. Just wait a bit longer then I'll return to a regular schedule. (Poem contains pills and suicide)

Sleepy Pill 7/11/18

I'll protect you Don't worry I'm not like them Trust me

So let me in Before you touch their poison In your bathroom Leaning over the counter Holding yourself in pain

They know Exactly what they're doing Sick bastard It wasn't your fault That you spent the night Over the bathroom counter Because you didn't do it

The poison makes you sleepy Made you sleep on the counter Sleepy sleepy pills Scattered over the bathroom You would never wake up

Why didn't you trust me? I said I'll Protect You

But you didn't do it You wouldn't have They would though And that's our problem

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