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Hey, the name's Viv. Nice to meet you? I'm quite new here, sorry.


Hi! My name's Viv. Not the book, me, the author.

So this is kinda stupid. Me, making my first "story" on here as an introduction.

But, if I'm going to be writing stories for people, you guys should know who I am, right? I guessed so.

For starters, I'm a girl and use she/her pronouns, they/them pronouns are also okay.

I identify as a bisexual at the moment and will write other stories that include the LGBT+ community, so if you don't like our community you could leave.

As of now, I'm only using Tumblr as a social media outlet (if this doesn't count), MythicaltheAngel , so go follow me on that if you want to, it isn't exactly necessary.

Now for some fun facts!

1. I'm left handed which sometimes surprises people, though I don't understand why

2. Not a fan of chocolate, you can kill me later

3. Soft emo as hell

4. If I had to choose a favorite from the Emo Quartet, I have to choose Panic! At the disco (I'm sorry)

5. My favorite Twenty one Pilots song, at the moment, is The Run and Go (it's on Vessel)

6. My favorite Fall Out Boy song, on Mania, is Stay Frosty Royal Milk Tea

7. I'm not choosing a favorite Panic! song because their new album is soon (I'll post my favorite after, on Tumblr) but my favorite album, not including Pray for the Wicked, is Pretty. Odd.

8. I never actually fell in the MCR hole of sadness since I was too young to listen to them before the breakup

9. I'm American, born in Florida now in New Jeresy

10. (ugh you're 1 fact short viv, quick, think of something interesting) I, uh, have a younger brother (wow so interesting viv)

So yeah, I'm not that interesting. Anyway, here I'll probably post original fiction (fanfics are a stretch, but I used to write them) and that bad poetry I spoke about earlier.

Random stuff will be placed on tumblr, so if you're into that then check it out.

I'm bad at outros

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