Burn Out
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The all too real legend of burnout.

Burn Out

I try to lift my arm but it is leaden. The email sits, he loves to taunt He waits for my reply, impatient A forlorn lover with a scorn. I see the slack go by with dread. The presentation begs for my attention, A swirl of endless vowel notes.

I zoom to aim to please, To listen But all I hear is listless fervor.

Burn bright, my little one You did not know that you could get here It was a myth for others to decry Yet, here you sit and here you lay.

I tell you to be gentle, to be kind Do not dismay.

The concentration Does not last She longs for integration But it is passed. The racing thoughts The hopeless phantoms.

You ask what I can take? What I can handle? I do not know The sliver in the torrent is the way.

Burnout is all too real. I understand. I choose to be.

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