I outlived my friends.
I outlived my friends. sad stories

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Twilight is about to rule Equestria, but Celestia admits the downside of living forever.

I outlived my friends.

Twilight Sparkle was about to do it. The most exciting event in her life. She was about to walk out there and be crowned ruler of Equestria. She had begun to walk but suddenly-

"Twilight, I must tell you something to remember forever." Celestia stopped her.

Twilight shrugged. " Okay. "

Celestia sighed. "Living forever may sound like a blast, but there's a downside."

Twilight looked worried, " What?! What is it? "

Celestia sighed again. "You will outlive your friends. Every single one. Even Spike"

Twilight was ceying. She whispered, "Even Spike?!"

Celestia nodded, " Yes. You will still have me by your side, and Flurry Heart, Cadence, and Luna. "

Twilight couldn't stopped sobbing. "I'll outlive my brother, too?! T-then what's g-good about b-being immortal!?"

Celestia hugged her, "Us alicorns have learnt to deal with it."

Celestia looked up. "Come on."

Twilight had been crowned later, but she wanted to spend time with her friends. Itt made her crazy.

One year later, Applejack went. Twilight went even more crazy.

Two years after that, it was only Twilight, Pinkie, and Rainbow Dash.

Twilight had to hang on to them. "I can't lose them!!"

Twilight tried keeping them out of danger. Unfortunately, Rainbow being reckless costed Pinkie's life, and her own, too.

Twilight grew depressed. Spike was sick. She knew she would have no reason to carry on.

Twilight realized she'd make new friends, but she didn't want to. She just read books. Forever she did.

Twilight had the Princesses, but she realized she wouldn't always be ruler. Luster Dawn was next in line.

Twilight then retired with Cadence, Luna, and Celestia.

Twilight was always bored, but she knew she wouldn't die.

And she dealt with it.

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