Dream Fairy
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Ever wonder who delivers your dreams and wards away the nightmares?

Dream Fairy

In the sparkling moonlight, the iridescent skies lighted by hues of blue black and white stars, a small figure could be spotted drifting down.

It's silhouette against the alabaster moon displaying a striking feature.

If anyone took the time to look up at the sky that fine night, they'd have seen a small creature, a miniature child, floating gently down guided by a pair of translucent wings.

Each vein glowing and pulsing with a magic of sorts.

The fairy landed, it's cherub feet treading on the coarse grass.

It wandered and looked around, left, right, up, down, this way, that way. It moved its head so erratically, it looked like movement of a hummingbird.

Finally, it spotted its goal. A boy nestled warmly in his blankets, no doubt tucked in by a loving mother. His resting face could be seen through the large window next to his bed.

The fairy carefully made its way to the house.

Eventually, the coarse grass at the edge of the garden became lush grass, wrapping the toes and soles of the fairy in a soft embrace, and then was lost altogether, replaced by grainy gravel.

Nimble as a cat, the fairy climbed the window sill. It reached to raise it but thought otherwise and shook his head.

'The sound might agitate the boy.' He thought silently.

As it sat on the outside of the bedroom, against the backdrop of toys and blue sky wallpaper that could be spotted inside, it contemplated.

A lightbulb turned on. Simultaneously, the fairy had ducked under the wood part of the window.

As the fairy had lifted itself ever so slightly, to just look a little, it saw the figure of the sweet mother.

Her eyes doe-like as she embraced her son with her gaze. Her loose hair cascaded down her shoulders and softened the wrinkles that surrounded a face that was obviously quite pretty in its youth.

Abruptly, she shuffled towards the window. Tip-toeing so as not to wake the boy and reached for the latch.

The fairy hastily jumped off the ledge and breathed a sigh of relief. Once the mother creaked open the window ever so slightly, she left.

The fairy cautiously returned to his position on the window ledge. It then crawled through the small gap just made.

The boy shifted and furrowed his brow. A few drops of perspiration had formed on his forehead.

The fairy walked the bed very gently, one foot at a time, using its wings to levitate itself a little.

It touched the boy's head, and brushed the curled brown locks away from his eyes. The boy eased a bit.

The fairy muttered a little wish:

'Nightmares leave the child alone and may he enjoy a pleasant night of joyous recount.'

The pale complexion of the child gained a hue of blush as the sweat evaporated and left none in its wake.

The fairy was then off again, spreading further fantasies through the world.

That night, the boy experienced a vivid world of colourful plants, an adventure on a pirate ship, a delicious Christmas dinner and a small cameo of a little being,

a being that almost looked like it had wings.

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