Sweet dreams
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mrsynchonicity your heart whispers, listen closely
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she had the most intense eyes ever.... i was hypnotized...

Sweet dreams

She was cute, seductive and murderous. The perfect disaster. The first time i saw her, my intuition told me something was off. But being a man i was blinded by looks.

Looks can deceive ...oh they can deceive so well. Even though she looked good on paper, something about her made me uneasy. She would make me feel liked in the moment.

At times she would give me "the stare". The stare that said you are the universe. I want you. But as time grew on I started to see, it was all for her selfish needs.

It all revolved around her. I would feel drained being around her. If i started to drift away she would reel me back then spit me back out. I see the mask behind her fake smile.

It's all an act. But i don't want to play anymore. I am stronger than this. I am smarter than this. You can't kill me, you can't take me. She is a succubus, an energy vampire.

I am no angel but I am on a higher energy field. You will Not have control over me, I am free. This is goodbye, this is goodnight. Sweet dreams.

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