Long walk home
Long walk home hollywood stories

mrsynchonicity your heart whispers, listen closely
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We all get a little crazy sometimes

Long walk home

It was Friday, Time to party! My friend Mike told me about a party tonight. I hadn't drank all week long.

It was all you could drink and i was thirsty... I made preparations and agreed to meet at his house around 8 pm.

I invited two friends of mine Brittany and Lauren. This is going to be a good night i thought to myself as i looked out from my backyard down into the flats.

I have a view of the city from my house, and the holly wood sign. I lit my joint and inhaled greatness and exhaled all the stress from the week.

The sun was setting and the sky was turning from orange to red. I looked off into the horizon and took a last drag and went inside to get ready.

My older brother had a concert he was going to and agreed to take me and pick up brit and lauren and drop us on his way. When we got to mikes house there was already a Pre party there.

When we walked into his backyard i heard music and saw about 6 people smoking and drinking tecate. we joined in the mayhem and i began to feel warm as i cracked up beer after beer.

Soon we all piled into 3 cars and peeled out to the party. We raced through the streets hanging out the windows, music blaring, shouting, feeling alive.

Soon we pulled up to a house were people were all over the place. We quickly exited and joined the party. It looked like Project x number 2.

I remember freestyling in a group off about 5 people around the keg. you see when i drink.. i drink. So i drank till i couldn't no more.

It must have been a few hours later but i blacked out. I found myself on a couch with a blanket over me. I looked around i didn't recognize anyone. my vision was so blurry.

i think i was drugged. I got up and almost fell over. I saw the time and it said it was 2 am All i could think was i have to get home. It took me a while but i finally found the front door.

I stumbled on the street, i didn't recognize the street name.

With what sense of direction i had left I looked up and the famous sign was shining so brightly above me it had to be only about 2 houses up from this one.

I turned and said home is must be this way and started down the hill towards home base. . I walked down the street for what seemed like forever.

It was busy and bright, but as time went on the street got darker, quieter, . I was floating in and out of consciousness.

When i came to again it was 4 am and I was walking on a hill that seemed to get larger as approached. i finally saw there was no way around it and i had to turn back.

I glanced to my right and saw the freeway and overpass. I thought If i could cross that i would be on the right path again. So i hopped the fence and landed on the freeway exit ramp.

I looked around and as i was going to run i saw headlights and i jumped and clung to the fence. a car wized up to the exit. I jumped down and ran as fast as i could hoping the divide with ease.

adrenaline was pumping for if i made a wrong move i could be roadkill. i made it across luckily no cars came by until i was safely over. i started waking up a 2 mile hill.

Around 4:46 am i got to my backyard and climbed the rest of the hill through the neighbors yard. i reached my bedroom window and looked behind me...

the sun was coming up as i looked off into the horizon..it never looked so pretty. and with that i opened my window and fell onto my bed and shut my eyes. forever.

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