A hot rendezvous...
A hot rendezvous... soft stories

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It had been a few months since i had some fun and since i had sex with this girl i had been causally seeing. I haven't heard from her but she had been in my thoughts lately. all i could think about was her. How nice her body was, how sexy her soft voice was as she would wisper sensualy in my ear. She was tiny.

A hot rendezvous...

It had been a few months since i had some fun and since i had sex with this girl i had been causally seeing. I haven't heard from her but she had been in my thoughts lately.

all i could think about was her. How nice her body was, how sexy her soft voice was as she would wisper sensualy in my ear. She was tiny.

about 5'6 with a flat stomach , a nice ass, long straight dark hair and the most perfect tan skin. She was declicously amazing, and she knew it.

She knew how to bring out my inner animalistic desires. Just thinking about her had my pants growing. I started to imagine her lovely soft hand stroking my penis so sensually .

My plans were to meet my friends in palm springs at stay the weekend.

I really wanted to spend some time with my lover but i didnt want to look desperate so i figured i would wait to hear from her sometime soon.

I drove down to the springs and We arrived at our hotel. We got 2 rooms and got ready for the night. I trimmed my pubic hair and trimmed my beard .

i had been working out more lately and i had evened out nicely in my chest and arms. I looked real good. I sprayed some aspen and put on my outfit for the night.

As i was unplugging my phone my head suddenly perked up. In the air i caught a faint scent of Eau De Parfum. It was her favorite perfume.

I read an article about energectic connections and how sometimes after two people have been intimate they are tied by souls.

You would feel what they feel, sometimes hear their name, or smell the scent.

I thought it was funny but thought nothing of it, put my phone in my pocket and went into the lobby to meet my freinds.

We ate dinner at this nice restaurant, then headed to the club. It was already packed when we got there. Strobe lights made dancing shadows on the wall.

We hit the dance floor and started to dance the stress away. I had been dancing for a while when i got the feeling i was being watched. I scanned the club from left to right.

When my head reached the center again i stopped. She saw me before i saw here. we locked eyes. It was her. she was moving her body in very sensual way on the dance floor.

She didn't break that stare gave me a naughty grin. She looked so sexy. she had on a red dress which showed of her amazing figure. her hair was all the way down to her but now.

I held her gaze and projected my desire through my eyes to hers. she picked up on it and glided gracefully across the floor towards me. Just seeing her again got my heart racing.

As she approached me there were no words needed. I held out my hand she took it happily. Never once did i avert my gaze from her.

I took her hands and wrapped them around my neck and placed my own on her waist. We began to move in sync with each other. The music fit perfectly as we danced together.

I turned her body so her back was to me. I pushed my body up against hers and she placed her hands on mine as we began to grind. It felt so good to be this close to her again.

I whispered in her ear. " I have missed you" she said " i can tell" with a smirk. I was now hard as a rock. my cock was throbbing with excitment. I started to imagine being with her again.

I know she could feel my body heating up. " i need you tonight baby" i told her as i spun her around to face me again. she looked down at my lips then back into my eyes.

" the feeling is mutual" she said with a sexy grin. I couldn't contain my self i told her let's go back to my room. she was a very submissive girl and let me lead her.

I wanted to rip her clothes off right then and there when we got into my car but i also wanted to stretch it out. No words were spoken on the car ride to the hotel.

I led her up to my room anticpation was boiling inside me. Desire for her, for her body. To be inside her. In the room we took of our shoes and sat down on the bed.

I turned down the lights and we began to nuzzle up to each other. She lay next to me as i was on my back and she moved closer with one leg on over mine. i began to trace my hands over her body .

i started from her legs took my time to move up up her waist. i avoided her breasts and moved my hand up her arm to her neck. her eyes were closed but she began to moan softly.

she moved closer to me and i kissed her forehead. she moved her head up to mine and we kissed. our lips made loud wet noises as i began to caress her back. she moved her hands to my face.

we began to kiss passionately. i moved on top of her and she gladly let me. We made out for a long time. soon i began to undo her dress. she didn't hesitate.

she helped me get it off and i sat up to take off my shirt. as i did this she sat up and began to undo my pants. she kissed my chest and i got up to take of my pants.

i kept my boxers on and took the rest of her dress off. she had no bra on and the sexiest thong i have ever seen. i got back on top of her and began to dry hump her.

we began to kiss more passionatly and things started to heat up. out tounges began to wrestle in and out of each other's mouth. i began to kiss her all over. i wanted her now.

i almost came as she reached down between my legs and began to stroke my cock through my boxers. "mmm" she moaned. "your so hard and feel so big" she said with a shudder. " for you" i replied.

she slowly removed my eager member from it''s kingdom. after a while she puhsed me up and said " lay down" i did gleefully. i moved 2 pillows for me to rest my head on .

she smiled and stradddled me and moved her body so we was on top. she kissed my lips and pushed her long hair to the side. she made her way to my chest as she stroked her nails on my chest.

it felt great. she kissed her way down my stomach towards my throbbing cock. she stopped when she reached my naval and looked up into my eyes.

i locked eyes with her and she said " i like when you watch me". "your so sexy," was all i could stammer out. then she took my penis in her hand and began to suck me.

she moved her hands in a circular motion as she bobbed her head up and down my rock hard cock. i felt so good i began to moan and my hips began to buck into her mouth.

when i was close she released me and sat up. her mouth was wet from my pre cum. she licked her lips as she removed her thong and threw it to the side of the bed.

then she straddled herself on me so our hips were aligned. she took me and placed me at her opening. she was already soaking wet and ready. i sat back as she slowly lowered herself on top.

we both let out a groan as we joined together. she placed her hands on my chest and my put my on her hips as she began to ride me. slowly at first. until we found our rythm.

her body looked amazing as she bounced on top of me , her boobs bouncing against the dim light. she was making the most sexiest sounds and moans as we began to fuck harder, and harder.

i grabbed her ass and pulled her close so i could get deeper. she squealed as i did this. then she bent over and began to kiss me. we kissed as we fucked.

she released from our kissing embrace for air. as she did this she tilt her head back and took my hands and put them on her amazing breats. i fonlded them and pinched the nipples tenderly.

i began to feel close. " i am going to cum if we keep going like this i said" she didn't say anything and began to ride me more vigoriosuly. "slow down " i said.

" i want you to fill me up" she replied. it was getting to be to much. all of a sudden she tightned her hands around me and let out an orgasmic moan! she had came.

her muscles tightened around me cock and that was all i could take. i let out a moan as i exploaded inside of her. she was still moving as i filled her up with all my jucies.

she collapsed onto me and we lay there for a while. our breathing returning to normal. " i needed that i sad" she looked to me and said " we have to do this again sometime." i agreed.

but for now i closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep with thoughts of what just occured. it was a hot rendezvous.

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