Episode #3
Episode #3 #0likes0coments stories

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Preview Merlin and Sam are wounded protecting lux, Lux is hiding.

Episode #3


Merlin and Sam are wounded protecting lux, Lux is hiding.


lux is hiding and escaping. The leader of bartez battalion told you are not escaping you son of a bitch. Hearing it lux is getting anger, but can't do anything.

In the end, they found lux and blew it up with their intense powers. And he went up to Lux and said you were a real son of a bitch. Lux got anger. His power increased rapidly.

He used 10% of his luminous energy. Through which the whole stadium, including the public, blew away. Unbelievable power, it is like power of light poles.....

They won the match unexpectedly. Bartez battalion leader told, I am son of bartez battalion principle, I will definitely defeat you.

Telling that he left. That day, at night, Lux sat on the roof of the building thinking about something.

And he is slowly tried to escape from the academy, Merlin and Sam saw him and asked him where are you going, he told I am going in search of my mother.

They both told we will come with you and told it would be help to you.

By telling that three of them left the academy, lux remembered that he lives in dark, slowly they bypassed officers between light and dark and went into the dark.

He finally found his house, but it is destroyed. Lux became anger and anger....... And kicked the block in front of him. Of a sudden underground entrance opened.

They entered and found broken old laptops that didn't work, Sam pressed a button. They were trapped, trapped in unbreakable cage. Lux tried to break it, but it didn't break.

Will they escape? If yes how can they? Who set trap out there? Will he finds his mom?

#0likes0coments You will know that in few weeks. And leave comment whether it is good or bad. It won't take much time. And read before parts too to understand better

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