To the people who wished me a happy birthday
To the people who wished me a happy birthday birthday stories

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yay it was amazing

To the people who wished me a happy birthday

First of all, thank you!!

Second of all, I did have an amazing birthday, this is the journal I wrote for my creative writing class and I figured you guys might be interested:

My birthday was Saturday, and I couldn't have asked for a better one. It was great, from beginning to end.

I woke up to a pretty great breakfast (cowboy toast and bacon) and then my mom and I went on a hike.

It was an awesome hike; we went to a fun hike we go to every now and then and we went further than we've ever gone, because we've always had little ones with us.

There was a lot of climbing and I really enjoyed the whole thing. I jumped into a pool of water and I lost a sock lol.

We stopped at Sonic on the way home and got a chicken sandwich and a LOT of french fries. After that we came home to a box of PinkBox doughnuts which were AMAZING.

We then spent some time planting some new plants for my brother's wedding, which will be held in our backyard in a few weeks.

That wasn't too bad, and we didn't spend too long on that, and then we went swimming in the pool in our backyard. Gosh I'm privileged.

Okay so I was just swimming and all of a sudden, my brother just says "Andrew (that's my name) your girlfriend's here"

I was both shocked and pleased.

She and I had discussed her coming over for a short visit for my birthday before, but in the end we never got very far in plans, so this was almost completely out of the blue.

I certainly wasn't expecting it. I put a shirt on and said hi, and she wished me a happy birthday and gave me a cute little origami flower.

We spent a few minutes talking and she hadn't anticipated for swimming so she didn't have a swimsuit, so she called home to get one.

Before long we were in the pool, splashing and teasing and having fun, and while my brothers were being dorks and climbing on me like a jungle gym, I had a ton of fun.

Next was dinner, which Lele (my girlfriend's nickname for security reasons) was able to stay for. We had steak and potatoes, which were amazing.

After, she had to leave and so I said goodbye, watched her go and then went back to dinner. That was great and I was glad she came, to say the least.

A bit after she left, my mom brought what was possibly the best creme brulee ever out of the oven (you can use the broil setting instead of a blowtorch). That was amazing.

After that, I went upstairs and played around on the computer until midnight. So all in all, an amazing birthday experience.

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