I'm Slipping
I'm Slipping writing stories

moth_eat_cops oof. I'm sad im not a better writer
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They told me I was good They said that I could write

I'm Slipping

They told me I was good

They said that I could write

They lied to me, I know that now

I told them I didn't believe them

I wish I could have stopped myself

Now I know they lied

They tried to make me feel better

I see this now, I see it now

I wish I could get better

I wish I could be good at something

I appreciate those of you that read these

I know you don't have to, so I'm really thankful that you do

These words aren't good

I can't seem to make them any better

Even though they said I could

I struggle with every letter

I'm so tired of not being good enough

I'm tired of thinking I'm good

I'm tired of hoping I'll get better

I love that people read these

I hope that they continue

I will hopefully get better,

And I'm hopeful that you like these

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