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Zahra was walking to school with her mother like every other day when she noticed the beautiful blue rose that grew in her street against all odds.

This is a complete one-part short story and it's my third contribution here.



My annoying alarm went off waking me up at 7:00 AM. It's the start of another boring day at college.

I turned it off and rolled over in my bed stretching my body to shake off the sleep.

A minute went by and I decided to get out of bed before I get back to sleep and miss the important lecture I have every Monday.

Social studies are not the field an Egyptian would want to study because there are no job opportunities what so ever.

I had no other choice though, I wasn't very good at school and that was the best I could do. Perhaps I can find a job that's above the minimum wage.

I walked to the balcony in my room, opened it, and let the sunshine in.

I like to watch the people walking in the street which is something I do every morning after I wake up to clear my mind before I start my day.

I looked left and right and I could see Zahra, the 7-year old daughter of our neighbors walking to her nearby school with her mother holding her hand.

I kept watching them for a few seconds and before I switched to look at some other people in the other direction, I noticed Zahra running to the patch of grass next to her.

"Look, mom, you see this beautiful blue rose?", said Zahra in pure joy.

"Yes, honey. I see it. It's weird a rose like this would grow here", her mother replied.

"It's a Zahra, just like me", Zahra explained.

In Arabic, Zahra means rose. I smiled at the innocence of the little girl.

"Yes, honey. It's also as beautiful as you. But let's go now, we don't want you to be late for school"

Zahra joined her mother and again they continued walking. I had to go inside to get ready to leave for college myself.


The next day, I followed my daily habits and as I walked into the balcony, I could clearly hear Zahra singing. I looked on and she was actually singing to the blue rose.

Her mother was standing right beside her watching over her and smiling.

I looked into my watch and it was a bit earlier than they used to go to Zahra's school.

I guess the little one asked her mom to go out a few minutes earlier so she can spend some time with her rose.

A couple of minutes passed and the mother asked her daughter to stop singing and join her so she wouldn't be late for school. She said goodbye to the rose and gave it an air kiss.


The next day was no different. I woke up to see Zahra taking care of her rose. This time, she was picking up some trash that someone threw and surrounded the blue rose.

She carefully picked up the scattered papers and plastics with a paper tissue and put them in a plastic bag she got from her mother.

When she was done, she threw the bag in the nearest bin. She went back to the rose and said "Here you go, now you're as beautiful as you used to be". Her mother called upon her to go to school.

Zahra waved to the rose and joined her mother.

The following days were pretty much the same routine. Zahra is taking care of the rose making sure to pick up the trash around it and water it.

Making sure she fixes what the people passing by, the kids playing in the street, and the speeding cars ruin.

Making sure the rose can survive the harsh conditions of a crowded street in polluted Cairo. The little girl never skipped a day and never failed to make me smile at her innocence every morning.


Finally, It's the weekend. I woke up late and started to get ready to head out.

I wonder if Zahra forced her mother to take her to the rose today even though there is no school? Doesn't matter now, I've got more important matters at hand and no time for the sunshine anyway.

Weekends are the only opportunities I get to spend time with my love, Sara.

We live in different cities and study in different colleges so, we dedicate the weekend to each other to make sure our high school love doesn't fade away.

Every weekend I go to visit her in her city with a gift. A sign our love is eternal and will get through anything.

I always find a way to bring her a gift even if I was broke which was pretty much all of the time.

Time to go now.


New week, same old habits.

I shut down my alarm and started walking to the balcony as usual when I heard the crying and screaming of a little girl.

I hurried to see what's going on and right before I opened the balcony I heard the words.

"My rose, it's GONE. Someone took it."

"Why would anyone kill it like that? WHY, mom?"

I stopped in my tracks. My hands let go of the balcony door handles.

I stepped back to my bed and sat down as I listened to Zahra crying and her mother comforting her.

I wonder if she'll ever know who did this.

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