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A regular train ride can be boring.
But it can also entice some memories, fears, and dreams.

This is a one-part short story and it's my first contribution here.
Please, let me know what I can do better.

The Train

"The train at platform 4 is leaving within one minute"

As soon as I heard this message getting announced at the train station I started running as fast as I can.

The train leaves in one minute and if I don't catch it, I'll have to wait for another hour to take the next train to the town where I live.

Luckily, I was barely able to jump into the train seconds before the doors closed

I stopped to take my breath and then looked around trying to find an empty seat.

I walked towards the nearest one, put my briefcase on the floor between my legs, and immediately started looking around.

I can't get through a train ride without looking at the faces around me and starting to guess what their stories are.

I know it's rude and I'm embarrassed by it but how else am I going to get through this daily long train ride? Don't you DARE say reading.

Now, let's get started.

At first, my attention turned immediately towards a couple of school students sitting opposite to each other. Both are holding books and studying.

They talked to each other from time to time to ask a question or discuss something but you can easily catch them stealing looks to each other when the other is not paying attention.

If it isn't puppy love, what else could it be?

I smiled and nodded in agreement with myself. Indeed, it's young, pure love. I remembered my own first love back when I was their age.

I woke up every day eager to get to school just so I can see her. For five years I loved her without saying a word. I only knew her name and that she looked like an angel in human form.

That was all I knew and it was enough.

I wanted to talk to her many times especially after that time when I noticed her smiling at me but always stopped myself at the last moment, afraid I was imagining it.

I chose to live far away from her with the dump hope she might be mine somehow instead of getting closer and have all of my dreams crushed.

At the end, we left school and each of us went our separate ways. I never saw her again. I guess my dreams ended up getting crushed anyway.

I was angry at her for a while for not giving me a clear signal then I became angry at myself for not trying hard enough then I moved on. But I certainly can never forget her.

"Yes sir, I'm on my way now and I assure you we're going to close this deal."

I looked to the source of this voice and saw a beautiful woman all dressed-up talking on the phone to whom I assume to be her boss at work.

She looked so stressed and anxious which tells me there is so much depending on that deal. Perhaps a big promotion she worked towards for years.

She continued the call and as soon as she hung up, she started checking some documents that she probably reviewed a hundred times already.

I've been there before. It was very difficult to get my first job at a big law firm after graduating because of the huge competition.

When I eventually got an offer, I immediately agreed to it and made sure I always went above and beyond and then some more to keep the job.

The thing is, to get the job you want, you must have experience doing the job you don't want.

I'm in a much better place now with enough expertise and reputation that jobs look for me instead of me looking for them. I still regret having to put up with this ungrateful manager though.

I've had offers during the first year to leave and join one of my colleagues building our own firm but I always turned them down even though I was trying so hard every day to not punch

my manager in the face.

Later, I got to see some of them build a respectable business and others fail and join me in the employment world. I couldn't take that risk though. I'm good where I am.

I turned my gaze to this old man holding a box containing a toy car that looks like that talking car from this children's movie. He's looking at the box and smiling.

Christmas isn't anytime soon so, this must be a birthday gift for a grandchild.

The man is at this age when you know you don't have much time left and you can't enjoy what life has to give anymore,

so you start dedicating your time and energy to your family hoping they'll remember you after you're gone because of it. That's sad.

Well, I can't think about grandchildren yet when I don't even have kids.

I've been married for over two years now but things between us aren't looking good enough to make the decision of having kids.

We thought we loved each other enough to get married only to find afterward that we were more in love with the idea of getting married.

We each had unrealistic expectations and wanted to take more than what we give. Turns out, that's not how it works.

I don't know. Maybe a child can bring us closer. Maybe a child can make us happier. Or maybe we'll just destroy that child's life as well.

"We have now arrived at..."

I looked at the screen to find it was my station. Are we there already? That was fast.

I stood up, approached the door, and got off the train.

It's time to go home. It's time to get some rest.

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