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What? Who am I?
What kind of a silly question is that?
Who else can be with everyone, everywhere, at every single moment?

This is a one-part short story and it's my second contribution.
Would love to hear your thoughts.

The Ghost

Another day at school.

For Jake, the first thing to do after arriving at school and before checking in with his friends is to open up Instagram and see if Jenny has posted any new pictures.

If his friends are running late, it's a great opportunity for him to keep on scrolling and admiring her older pictures making sure not to like any old picture by mistake.

He really likes that girl but can't make a move because he strongly believes she's out of his league.

He definitely isn't the mockery of the school and she isn't a cheerleader but she is pretty enough to be at any place the cool kids are and he isn't. Why would she even acknowledge his existence?

I mean just as he was browsing her profile,

she published a new photo that seems to be taken in front of the school gate and almost instantly got 7 likes and 3 comments praising how beautiful she is.

Jake is a really good guy and he has more people who love him than he thinks. He might just need to be more outgoing and braver when talking to people.

Perhaps attending a class on self-confidence would help. Don't I know a life coach who has a new course starting next month? Maybe.

Anyway, it wasn't long before Jenny walked into school.

She was holding her phone and logging out of the fifth fake account she owns on Instagram after using it to like the picture she just posted from her real account.

She has many friends and doesn't need fake accounts to raise her self esteem but if she is going to become a famous Instagram model, she will need the extra boost.

She just can't picture herself going to college, get an average job, and spend the rest of her life paying student loan debt. That life is not for her.

Now, she opens Facebook to see what's up with the school. Does she really need to ask? it's a picture of brad, of course, that's getting all the attention.

He's posing in front of his customized vintage Ford all smiles with the caption "Who's the king?".

Brad is the captain of the school's basketball team, son of a successful businessman, and the most handsome boy at school.

She smiled at the screen and whispered to herself "Lucky for me, every king needs a queen."

She likes his post and begins to write a comment but then quickly deletes it. She should allow him to chase her first.

She probably likes Brad's car more than she likes him though. I think I know a good place nearby where she can get..."Hey, watch where you're going!"

That was Liam, Brad's friend, and teammate, whom Jenny just pumped into because she's too focused on the phone.

She quickly apologized and Liam just waved at her and kept moving to head out of school.

He was going the opposite direction everyone was going because he had just received a text from Brad requesting that he goes to his house to pick him up for school before the

the first period starts because his car broke down.

He really hates that conceited jerk but he is the captain of the team and he needs to be on his good side.

That's why as soon as he received Brad's message, he quickly responded with "I've got your back bro".

I'm thinking that I should let Liam know about this mechanic who just opened a few blocks from here so he'd recommend him to Brad. Maybe I should wait till he arrives at Brad's house.

Actually, Brad won't be able to fix his car anytime soon anyway. His father argued with him yesterday and decided to cut his allowance by 50% for his recent bad grades.

Guess he'll have to quit the big shot act for a while.

Do you think he might be interested in the open positions available at the city mall?

They have many openings including part-time positions and he can find something that works with the school schedule. I should recommend this to him as soon as I see him.

What? Who am I?

What kind of a silly question is that?

Who else can be with everyone, everywhere, at every single moment?


It's surprising you didn't figure this out considering you give me all of your information for free and spend most of your time connected to me.

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