Stuck in Time
Stuck in Time
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mortal_goddess A girl who writes occasionally
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Stuck in Time

I picked up the remote and turned on the TV.

Apparently, my sister Deb had been watching the news.

I meant to change the channel, but the newscaster was talking about something that caught my interest.

The famous scientist Mark Damyz had invented a time machine!

And it just turned out that Deb and I were robbers.

I bolted upstairs to the gym, bursting through the door and earning a loud "Agh! Emma?" before Deb fell of of the treadmill and onto the ground below.

"Trust me, Deb, it's important. Mark Damyz invented a time machine. I think--" "Girls night!" Deb shouted, knocking me down and running across the hallway to her bedroom and changing her clothes.

I ran down to my room, changed, and came back out. There was a mirror shattered on the floor. I yelled out, "Deb?" There was no response.

I went into the living room, and there Deb was, sitting down on the couch, watching Cartoon Network. I yelled, "what did you do to the mirror?"

She held up a jewelry box filled with diamonds. It explained itself. "So that's why the mirror was so thick," I thought aloud.

"Well," she said, "it's to trade. If he says no, we'll have to do it forcefully." I nodded. "Let's go." We got into the car.

To be continued...

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