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(PART ONE OF AN UNFINISHED STORY) Kennedy lives a normal stereotypical life and school I no different. Until one day she turns out to be a baby! How will she cope and what will she do become her normal self again?

Chapter 1

This Is Me Now

I go to a school called Hays Middle School or for short HMS. It is a very crazy place when it's crossing period and can be very dangerous.

I heard that one there was this guy and he was walking in the crossing period. Then two jocks came not paying attention and hit the guy...

He went to the hospital because he broke his wrist and the jocks got suspended for like a week.

My name is Kennedy. Kennedy Hopkins. My best friend's name is Jenna Raito. We are both "nobody's" and that's how we would like it to stay.

We are called "nobody's" because everyone at HMS has a title "nobody's", "populars","geeks". And were the second-lowest rank, and so we get picked on sometimes by the "populars" but not really.

My mom texts me: Honey Are You Home Yet? I obviously answered her: Yes, Mom I'm Home. Because I really am home. Soon my older brother, Tony knocks on my bedroom door. "Come in," I say to him.

He opens the door and asks me " How was school Lil' sis?" I reply with a nice tone even though I hate it when he calls me "Lil' sis". "It was ok.

What about you?" He replies with a quiet voice "Fine..." I don't believe that just like I don't believe the ingredients on the cereal box. "Come on, Just tell me the truth.

I promise I won't tell anyone. You trust me... Right?" I tell him hoping he would buy what I sell. He finally gives out. "I went to the lunch line-" he says and I stop him.

"But mom packed our lunch," I say. He gives me this "Be patient" look and I catch it and I don't say another word. " My friends dared me to ask the lunch lady how old she was... and I did.

She told me..." He mutters the rest. I yell "No tell me what she said. Come on please!" He lets out a sigh and says " Fine. She first gave me "The Special" which was just mystery meat...

and it was really mysterious. Then she muttered some words that kinda sounded like they came from Harry Potter when they say spells and stuff.

And I don't really remember the rest so that's all I can say." He looks at me then walks out. Wow, what a story.

Chapter 2

The Old Woman

Jenna and I watched the clock. Sixth period. One minute. Tick-tock, tick-tock. Yes! The school bell rings for the last period, Which for me and Jenna is choir class.

I have always loved singing and so has Jenna for as long as I can remember. "Yes!" Jenna yells as she packs up her books. We fist bump and leave the classroom.

"Choir is sooo fun! Oh, let's do one of our warm-ups." She says. We do sing Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, Ti, Do a few times before we make it to the classroom.

We are right down the hall and the crossing period is almost over and we know it. We run and dodge everyone until we reach the entrance. Aww man, it's the "Populars".

We try to sneak by but they move blocking the door on purpose. "Hey, Punks! Wait and let the real ladies go first." One of the populars say. His name is Ricky the football captain.

I say letting out my fury for the first time in a while "So you think we're not " real ladies".

Well, we are and if you're a " real gentleman" you should let us go by before I tell the principle." Jenna elbows me and gives me a "Stop that" face. He scowls and lets us by.

Before you know it school is over.

Jenna and I walked right through the doors of hate and love (The entrance to the school). We tell each other bye because she rides the bus home and I walk.

As I'm about halfway to my house I see this old lady. I look at her and gag at the sight of her. Then I walked over to her and thought if she could talk.

She says "Hi will you give a poor old lady some money to buy a snack..." I looked around to see if she was talking to me. I looked at her and said, "Whatever.

" And I gave her a whole two-dollar bill. She looked up at me as if I had more to give, but I didn't and I wouldn't. Then she muttered some words and got a little angry.

Like she knew what I was thinking, but she couldn't... right? I walked home quickly and it seemed like she was watching me. Weird right?

Chapter 3

Younger than myself

Sleep. Sleep. Sleep! It's all I'm doing. I wanna wake up, but I can't. I try and try, but it is no use. A lady that looks like she's in her fifties or forties wakes me up.

I yawn and to my surprise, I say "Hi," but it comes out as "Ah goo." Then I fart. I never fart in public so this was a definite surprise to me. The woman lays me down and she puts on a diaper.

OMG! I have a diaper. I look again while she gives "me" a diaper change. The woman undoes and puts on another diaper then she smiles at me and gives me a kiss of the forehead.

I soo wish i hadn't seen that! I look around to see if I still have my phone.

If I don't have my phone I may pass out and the doctors are gonna have to give me brain surgery, which I do not want to happen! That would be tragic. Don't freak out! Don't freak out! Do. Not.

Freak. Out.I start crying even more, then the lady,which seems to be a fake mom comes and picks me up and rocks to sleep. I feel so weird and lose all hope.

Will, I ever see my friends again, will I ever see my real mom and brother. I am soo scared.

Chapter 4

Old one gone bad

When I'm asleep an old lady appears in my dreams. "Hi, Kennedy." She says in an old and trembly voice. "You know you have done this to yourself. It's your fault.

" I wonder what I was for a second then I remember I'm a baby. I say questionably "Who...who are you and how do you know me?" She's disappeared by now.

"I know you're still here! Show yourself, lady, what have you done to me." I yell. A sinister laugh pops up all around me.

The voice says " Oh darling, did you miss me?" I then remembered who she was. That's the lady I gave money to! Why'd she do this to me, I helped her! " I remember.

Your that-" I muttered "- Old lady- who I gave money too! So why are you doing this to me?" I screeched in madness. She said like she heard me "See that's why I did this to you.

You shouldn't call the elderly old because we already know we are, plus it's not polite to call anybody old. Do you know your manners...?" I looked at her dumbfounded. I suddenly woke up.

I yawned and opened my eyes. When I woke up I saw the woman and man who were my so-called parents and a little boy next to me.

Chapter 5

My New Friend

I wonder...who's that little boy? I think I should just start acting like an actual baby so I blurt out and say a real word. "Mommy." I knew I sounded babyish.

Which was great if I wanted to be a baby, but I really don't! The little boy looks at me and I look at him.

He does something with his hand and to my surprise, I know what he's talking about so i do the same thing out of nowhere. It's kind of a secret language only for us babies.

Which is super cool.no wonder babies are always smiling!

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