Stay (Episode Two)
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mochi_jiminie Oh how easy it had seemed. . . it's not
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I changed it. Please reread. I didn't wanna go the route I did the first time.

Stay (Episode Two)

I look at Kook, him smiling at me from across the room. What's his deal today? I push orange hair from my eyes, tugging on a dangle earring I wear. He has been staring at me. . . And STARING at me. . . All day long! What's wrong with him?!

I motion towards the front door with my head and we simultaneously get up. Jin, Hoseok, Joon, Tae, and Yoongi all start making cat calls at us as we leave. I ignore them. Stepping out onto the porch I confront Kookie. "What's up dude? You've been creepy."

As soon as I shut the door, Jungkook plasters himself to me in an embrace. I can't think. The breath is squeezed from my lungs as he presses me against him with his palms. "Kook. . ." I wheeze, losing my voice once he kisses me. What THE HECK?!

I push away from him with my hands that are buried in the cuffs of my sweatshirt. "Kookie! What's up?!" I laugh, holding his eager self at an arms length. Barely able to. He sighs. "Dangit J, happy anniversary." My mind is out the window. I FORGOT!

I squeal, and forget about my worries, holding him close and burying my face in his chest. He tugs on the hair at the nape of my neck and I look up at him, him pushing hair from my eyes. "It's been what. . . One year now?" He sighs. Reminiscing about the time we got together.

It was right after a concert, and my brow was sopping with sweat as we headed backstage. All the mics were still on, and the others were busy having a cry fest over the applause. Kookie was gone somewhere, but I heard his voice come on from his mic.

"Jimin, will you go out with me?" My heart had stopped. Everyone knew it was him. I walked onto the stage then, seeing him in the center, the crowd dead silent. Waiting. I held my mic up to my lips, breathless. Speaking in Korean even though no one could understand.

"Yes I will." I cracked. Starting to fall forwards, Jungkook catching me midfall. His hips and thighs pressed into mine as his fingers found purchase in my upper arms. The crowd was berserk. Screaming at us to do something. We didn't though.

And now a year later we are here. Now kissing in the walkway of my apartment complex. Knowing the whole long while, that the group is staring at us through the large window. Smiling their faces off. Dorks.

Thanks for reading!

Peace out ARMYs

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