Stay (Episode Four)
Stay (Episode Four) jimin stories

mochi_jiminie Oh how easy it had seemed. . . it's not
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part 4. so sorry it took SO LONG for it to come out. Ill be posting more often I feel. lol read this if you like SLIGHTLY suggestive content. lol

Stay (Episode Four)

My head aches as I stare at the TV screen, my mind fuzzy and muddled from the concert. Kookie baby sits so close to me, that I can feel his heartbeat through his thighs. Funny. I sit in his lap, my head set back against his collarbone. Our arms and legs entwined before us.

"I am SO tired." I say with a moan, tipping my head sideways so I look at the floor. Jin and Yoongi brought wine over after the concert earlier, spilling some on my white carpet. So now there's a red splotch where the stain hasn't lifted yet. Those idiots.

"Kookiiiiie." I whine, squirming in his lap as he buries his face in my neck sleepily. I wanna sleep so badly, but Jeongkook INSISTS on watching the concert the way the audience saw it. "Noooo." he groans, wrapping his legs around my waist with such ease that I blush.

I turn around and look him point-blank in the face. Heat wafting from him. "Please let me sleep. Kookie. Please let me go." I pout at him, running my lips over his cheek. He squirms and lets go of me, standing from the couch after untwisting our appendages.

"Fine. But i'm gonna shower first." he sighs. Glancing at me before he disappears. "You wanna come?" he asks slyly, winking at me. I fall sideways onto the couch. "Maybe." i sigh, watching as he pulls his shirt over his head and walks through the open bathroom door.

I hear the faucet turn on, seeing Kookie's bare back just inside the door. "The water is on!" he yells out to me with a big smile, making me shake my head as i sigh. Propping myself up onto my elbow I tug at a loose thread in my thread-bare couch.

Jeongkook stands up and pulls his belt from it's loops lazily, obviously sore in the shoulders. The rest comes off with the door open, and the nonexistant shower curtain. My apartment sucks, but hey, it's got a nice view at least. I blush evilly to myself.

After five minutes of pulling at threads and watching K, I stand up and walk into the bathroom. Water pours down his body in turrets, and mist sprays my face as I breathe in the steam. "You missed a spot." I point out, leaning against the sink and putting soap in my right palm.

Kookie wipes water from his eyes and opens them, looking at me surprised. "Didn't think you'd join the party." I step into the tub with him, immediately getting drenched, rubbing the soap into his hair. He smiles and pulls me against him, clothes paper thin against his toned body.

Next thing I know they're gone, and the water is burning my skin under the shower-head like his fingers in my hair. As long as Yoongi doesn't walk in AGAIN there will be no problems. Now Yoongi is gone from my mind, replaced my just me and Jeongkook under the water.

Thanks for reading!

Peace out ARMYs - Kay

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