Stay (Episode Five)
Stay (Episode Five) jin stories

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hiiiiii guuuuuyyyyss. heres part 5. lol

Stay (Episode Five)

My cheeks are flush, as I lean over K, bare chest to bare chest, nothing between. "I wanna go somewhere with the Hyungs."I grin, shifting my head slightly. My chin sits on top of my hands, Kook's arms behind his head. Eyes ahead at the ceiling.

"Where we gonna go?" he asks me with a smile, averting his eyes to my placid face. I shrug, moving my bare leg so the top of my foot glances his thigh. I sigh inwardly. "No idea. Maybe to Starbucks or something? Just to hang out of course." I suggest.

Jungkook shrugs under me, wrapping his arms around me to flip us. Alot of contact there. I laugh as he pins my arms on either side of my head by the wrists, making me exposed. "Then let's go to Starbucks with them." he sighs, sending my nerves on fire with kisses.

They dot my face, moving down my neck and chest to my belly. "Kookie-" I moan, shifting. My hands are wrapped in his hair, his hands on my thighs where he scooted lower. He practically growls and then laughs, nipping my bare hip with his teeth before leaving.

All warmth that resided down there disappears as he moves off and away, sighing. "I didn't mean you had to GET UP." I laugh. "I just wanna do THAT after you text Joon." He shrugs and grabs his phone from the bed-side table, shaking his head slightly.

"Okayokayokay." he says almost excited, turning back towards me and falling on me. The air is crushed from my lungs as he straddles me, holding my legs together with his. "How's an hour sound?" he asks. I quirck and eyebrow.

"For what exactly?" i laugh, making the worst joke that even Tae wouldn't make. Kook looks at me unamused, obviously hitting the send button without looking. "Jiminie, really? That was terrible Babe." he laughs, throwing the phone down.

He lays on top of me and runs his hands over me roughly, legs and back and torso included. The phone starts ringing around the time he starts shaking, and I wanna claw his skin to shreds. His face is buried in my neck, and we are both sweat drenched.

"We should go." I laugh. He nods and moves for good, immediately dressing. He pulls me from the bed and makes me put on pants and boxer shorts, coaxing me up. His nimble fingers zip and button my jeans before pulling my shirt over my head for me.

I laugh as he lifts me over his shoulder and spanks me once, heading through the apartment. Next thing I know, we are on our way to Starbucks, my heart still beating hard from Kook. He always has that affect on me it seems. Making me thrum.

Thanks for reading!

Peace out ARMYs - Kay

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