Anything at all

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mjpbradley Community member
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First poem, weekend feelings. Any and all feedback is appreciated.

Anything at all

I hope that you can hear me now, That we have stared into each other’s eyes, With words on our tongues, Sitting on the edge.

I want you to know that I, am grateful for your kind disguise, Even for me that is hard to front, Without restricting the flow.

A pause and a shutter. As I ponder through the clutter. Trying just to mutter. Anything at all.

Words that won’t come free. Will never truly be. A voice of planted seed. A trail for those in need.

Who can’t follow fast or free. Who can’t whisper in the breeze. Who then can’t honestly agree. With anything at all.

And I’m sorry that I apologise, That I can’t think of ways to justify, The million lies, the falsifies, That I carry in my mind.

Words carry through me, Falter at the heights of unity, and for your tears you cannot see, Anything at all.

MJP Bradley 2019

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