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If denial is the first step then, surely, accepting the first grain of truth is the second.


The world burned, and so they shut their eyes. But in doing so, failed to notice the faint glimmers of magic in the shadows cast by the flames

Slander, misinformation, and hatred became the grammar of the universal language Turning deaf ears seemed like the only appropriate defense, leaving no audience to receive the murmurs of rebellious cries.

Thinking of possibilities, of the future, of what had been and what was to come was too painful

How much better it seemed to create entire worlds, ideal versions of the one that could never be, and inhabit them in thought.

But magic was always there, if you knew where to look. The truth existed, if you were disciplined enough to seek it

Blessings were in abundance, if you were taught to see the infinity between zero and one.

There were those surrounding you who, even though they could not accept, found peace in doing so

For if denial is the first step Then, surely, accepting the first grain of truth is the second.

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