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A reflection on the "other" in romantic relationships.

Are you a stranger to me? Or, am I stranger to myself?


It was as if I was looking into your eyes for the first time—those eyes which I had looked into so many times before.

My mind was abruptly breaking from the continuity of your existence in my life that, I was now realizing, I took for granted. You appeared before me as your own person.

There comes a point when you get to know someone so well, they become an extension of you. It gets hard to tell where I begin and you end. But now I could see you fully in your own brilliance.

You. Watching me with patience and understanding in your eyes, an aura of comfort surrounding you.

If only I could say things were always like this, but we both know that would be a lie. Love takes hard work and dedication. Love is sacrifice. Love, like greatness, is created and not inherited.

Compromise will be the language of our love, and the bedrock upon which we will build the foundation of trust and respect.

Out of understanding and empathy, we have built four walls to contain us. Our humility and vision sustain us.

There is no amount of shouting that makes us too weary to say:

“I’m sorry”.

There is no obstacle we think we can’t climb, because we haven’t met one yet.

And yet…I look into your eyes, where I know eventually I will find the answer. Are you a stranger to me?

Or, am I stranger to myself?

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