II I am a Ghost II by MistyPoppie

II  I am a Ghost   II

by MistyPoppie ghost stories

mistypoppie writer by heart ❤
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A wandering, lonesome ghost who needs attention.

By: MistyPoppie

II I am a Ghost II by MistyPoppie

I see it crystal clear

As the waves came crashing roar

Through my weak body

I am here standing on shore

Feeling the warmth breeze of the wind

I saw you in despair

Kneeling and praying

I didn't know what I did

It seems to me he can't hear me

No matter how hard I try to scream

Nonetheless, nothing happened

Tears flowing down his cheeks

Crying like a homeless kid

Screams why, asking how did this happen

He can't forgive his self, he can't let go

It's tearing my heart into pieces

I'm shattered like like a broken glass

I tried to look into my reflection

All I see was nothing

And I realized I am already a wandering spirit

A lonesome ghost, I'm already dead, lifeless, I struck me, I am ghost.

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