"Fairytale Love" By Miss Belle

"Fairytale Love"

By Miss Belle feather stories

missbelle poems give beauty to the unbeautiful
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"Fairytale Love" By Miss Belle

Tears with dark reflections Haunted memories of laughter Emotions twirl around, unstable What happened to happily ever after?

The first date, first kiss They were golden days, so sweet Written in a leather-bound fairytale A story a princess couldn't even beat

When did love turn sour? From sugar to lime Relegate and replace It was perfect, once upon a time

It was love--a feather Beautiful, delicate in thundering rain Watch it flutter slowly down Gradual, building, continuous pain

The glow in her eyes blink out The warmth on his lips gravely cold What is love, you ask? It's not the story we were all told

It isn't a happy tale anymore Often find lonely hours of anger Guess that storybook princess Wasn't the one loving a growing stranger

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