wow. . .
wow. . . thankyou stories

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wow. . .

jeogiyo noona hokshi namjachingu isseoyo

lmao just kidding.

i didn’t expect my recent posts to receive so many likes.

so, i want to say thank you!

thank you for being here along with me for the ride.

it sure was wild wasn’t it.

ok so, thank you letters.

@frappe_mocha you live with me. i know i’m annoying, but you still deal with me. you stuck with me through thick and thin. well, thin and thin. you need to eat more. ily <3 p.s. stop changing your username so much, i keep forgetting paboya.

@orcastogether ah. this is-... hard. where do i start? ever since fifth grade we became close friends. even though we grew apart a bit during seventh grade, and my “best friend” was using me, you still stuck with me, even if i gave you a worse reputation. (for being weird lmao) so i thank you, so, so much. ily (platonically) <3

@indigosparkle we really grew close kind of quickly. thank you for dealing with my dramatic-ness (is that even a word-) and remember! we’re partnering our servers soon :P ily (platonically ofc) <3

@myhiraeth askfkljl. my literal twin. i thank you so much for dealing with my fangirling. thank you for showing me seventeen too. i hope to experience more comebacks with you! also, left and right left and right left and right rip it rip it 🤪

@brilindcommaacc although we met a only month ago, you still made it up here. i can’t express how much you helped me honestly. i hope we can continue being great friends. ily <3 (platonically) p.s. don’t forget to vote for mimu.

@mcghosty hhh i love your work. i would slap and punch anyone who dares say you suck. will completely give you 1000 followers if i could. ily <3 (platonically) (gosh my keyboard even knows what i’m going to say)

@sanstehperson my sOn. lmao i’ll never forget that. thank you for still sticking with me despite my sexuality. there was a reason why you were the third person i told. ily (platonically) <3

and last but definitely not least. you guys. and girls. and people. and attack helicopters. and fridge. i love you all so much (platonically). it’s you who helped me get up here. i thank you for supporting me throughout my journey. although i was inexperienced, i still made it this far. i can’t believe it. ily guys and girls and well, you get it <3

and here’s some gifs :P

i made this because i don’t remember making one kekeke

if i did well, here’s another!

you guys bring color to my world 🥰

thank you

♡ ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡

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